By getting $30 million to protect a mouse, Nancy Pelosi is Pork Queen

San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi got one of the most ridiculous pork project victories in the pathetic history of the modern United States Congress which is contained in Barack Obama's $1 trillion (with interest) "stimulus" bill. Most experts including Democrats, believe the Obama bill will actually cause a decrease to the gross domestic product (GDP) compared to if nothing had been done at all.

There is a pork project in the bill in the amount of $30 million to be spent in Nancy Pelosi's congressional district to save an "endangered" salt marsh harvest mouse, a project which puts her on par with the Pork King himself, the prolific and wasteful spender, John Murtha from Pennsylvania.

According to today's "The Washington Times," Republicans accused Democrats of reneging on a promise to keep pork projects (euphemistically called "ear-marks") which fund lawmakers' favorite projects out of the legislation. The spokesman for the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Congressman John Boehner said: "One of the proudest boasts of Democrats supporting their trillion-dollar spending plan is that it doesn't contain earmarks. But it seems like powerful Democrats will still find a way to bring home the bacon." The spokesman added, "This certainly doesn't sound like it will create or save American jobs. So can Speaker Pelosi explain exactly how we will improve the American economy by helping the adorable little critter?"

Barack Obama has obviously decided to copy the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia, rather than emulate John F. Kennedy -- who his media sycophants pretend him to be the Second Coming of -- and to capitulate to every left-wing fringe group which keeps the Democrats in power. Kennedy, instead of spending huge amounts of money to "stimulate" the economy, decreased the onerous tax burden on Americans which resulted in a booming economy.

This is yet another one of the many promises Obama has already broken to the American people, after only one month in office, in what he promised would be a "post-partisan" presidency. Getting 3 liberal Republicans out of 219 Republicans in Congress to vote for his "stimulus" bill which will only hurt the American economy and provide half as many jobs as the Republicans' bill (Democrats would not allow a vote on this bill) which would cost half of what the Democrat bill will cost the American taxpayers. In January, Obama said his goal was to get 22 Republican Senators to vote for his bloated bill.

Incidentally, hundreds of millions of dollars will be going to Americans, in the form of welfare checks, who do not pay income taxes. The goal of the Obama administration and congressional Democrats in the next four years with their trillion dollar annual deficits ("as far as the eye can see," said Obama) will be to keep a majority of Americans indebted to them, even though the American economy will sink to that of the socialist European countries. No, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, this is not the change the American people voted for last November.

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