God's Message from the Bible Code of the Torah

In the Bible Code, I find truth to my questions and uncertainities.  For instance, I looked up abortion and those who counter it, and I found Republician located near by.  I am have been shifting towards Republician views at a steady pace, so I can help change laws to protect unborn babies.  I found, in the Hebrew, the word "Homosexual" with the first eight letters (I believe eight letters) used, I discovered God Himself say "demon" and "angry".  I assume God is angry at demons for causing homosexuality.  God told me he hates abortions, and the doctors and drug companies that help perform them.  I do not know when or how God will punish those who get/do abortions, or homosexuals, but having lived in California for a decade, I was surrounded by homosexuals, and perhaps because I attended political and environmental responsibility meetings with various groups, I thought they were mild sinners.  But since the Bible Code said God was "angry" at the "demon" of homosexuals, I unfortunately can no longer feel as much comfort working with (lobbying, having meetings, praying along side) the homosexuals (major sinners) as I once did.

Also inspired to be written about because of a peer on this web site of cc.org, is the issue of the Bible being taught in schools.  I disagree that schools should be separated from religion, when in fact our religion is what keeps our deeds pure and aligned with God's wishes.  I therefore only mildly disagree about the Bible in schools, in that several versions of the Holy Christian Bible should be compared, talked about, prayed on, and used to arrange and structure the lives of every student and every teacher in every school in our country, not just one single translation.  Ideally, Hebrew should be taught to students, and they should learn the Bible in its Hebrew form when they can properly read and study it.

The Bible is the most important book in the history of the world, because it was not written by humans, but by God Himself using human volunteers, known as prophets, to do His work.  I think the Bible, and/or the Bible Code, should have air play on all radio and television, for at least one hour a day, and should play at night for at least two hours as audio at all prisons and detainment facilities.  The Bible heals the mind, mends of soul, and causes health for the body when the mind thinks thoughts resulting from reading the Bible.

I have first hand experience with the Bible healing me.  I find the potency of the Bible's healing effects is increased singificantly when read or listened to as Bible Code through any brand of Bible Code software.  But the same healing is present, just in my personal experience not as strong, with Christian Torah Scripture reading/listening.

I am prophet Eric Meyer.  I invite all Christians who feel called to contact me to send me an email or repost my writing.  My writing is not entirely my own, I am working for the one who sent me, LORD Jesus Christ, the one true God and maker of the Universe.  I am His prophet, seeking to do an unending series of good deeds until my death at the day only God knows the precise day of.

It is the wishes of the author of this posting, Eric Meyer, that this blog entry be in the public domain and be freely reproduced and published.  This article/blog is provided exclusively to the cc.org web site for the sharing in the Christian community.  God Bless You!

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