God Help Us

When I ponder the results of this election. I am horrified at the similarities with the words found in 1 Samuel chapter 8. Despite warnings from God's man, the people demanded a king so that they could be like everyone else. Well, the mob gathered on Tuesday demanding a king to rule over them. Despite warnings from God's prophets of today, they demanded and were granted their king. What happens now is in God's hands. 2 Chronicles 7:14 declares our only hope. It is time now for God's people to humble themselves, and seek God in prayer for divine intervention. My greatest fear is that the voices of countless millions more of unborn, aborted babies will cry out for rescue, but their little voices will go unheard. The deviant sexual appetite of men will be unrestrained and traditional marriage will be erased from the landscape. Ultr-Liberal Supreme Court judges will legislate a godless agenda from the bench, and the will of the majority will not be heard. Our Christian heritage that is the foundation of this great nation will be diminished and marginalized as never before. God awaken His church. God have mercy on us, and please heal this land.



Amen. My prayer is that the body of Christ wakes up and returns to her first love!

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