Gold Sarcophagas for Fetus? Learning From An Ancient King

A museum visit to view the treasures of a young king who died 3300 years ago gave visitors an unexpected revelation. At this amazing exhibition, thousands of ticket holders in major cities are confronted with a solid verification of the correct action on a serious social issue that has divided America. THIS treasure (among the treasures) should settle a major dispute once and for all.

Bear in mind that during this present time, the 21st Century, a gut-wrenching issue grieves the majority of American citizens who are very much opposed to an inhuman social 'privilege' that has been declared a legal 'right' by the Marxist courts of what used to be, our country.
For example, on Friday, the State of Colorado failed to act on a petition of "Personhood," for unborn babies,  which are called, "fetuses" by most Democrats, which to them means an accumulation of matter only, not a life.
YET these 'fetuses' feel pain--yes--read that again. THEY FEEL PAIN! One nurse quit her job at an abortion clinic when she saw an ultrasound of a baby being aborted, torn apart in the mother's womb, and saw the little baby desperately fighting for it's life.
What's more,  it has been PROVED by medical science, that unborn babies feel pain. That means the pain associated with burning them alive with acid (we have seen a picture of an aborted, burned little baby right after the horrible death it experienced), or of jamming the point of a pair of scissors into a baby's skull and brain, and then sucking out the brains with a vacuum device which causes the skull to collapse as the baby silently screams and flails, or, another method in which they literally tear off the limbs of the baby, the arms, legs, head while the baby writhes in agony.
America has grown so barbaric that legislation after legislation has consistently been defeated that would show the mother a sonogram before having an abortion, since (as they actually stated), "This could cause trauma to the mother who is ready to abort her baby and would give her future psychological problems."  (!) 
Even worse, legislators have consistently voted AGAINST giving pain medication to the baby, which they can now administer, because even that, they say, could cause trauma to the mother since it recognizes that what's inside her is a baby.  Refusing to even prevent the horrible suffering the baby goes through simply because the baby is inconvenient to the parents goes beyond cruelty. It is criminal insanity.
Small wonder that God has withdrawn His protective Hand from America (think 9-11) as well as from the world that has made abortion a human 'right;' at least a right for those who don't want to be put out. 
The Catholic Church has not fully shown its objection to abortion. Indeed, Notre Dame, William and Mary, St. Mary's, are among those who invite pro-abortion speakers to their campuses, and, churches allow them to receive Communion, even though these baby killers and those who support abortion are living in constant sin.
This is the worst kind of offense to God. The Veterans & Military Affairs Committee of our present administration recently rejected Bill SB113 that would have allowed criminal charges against those causing the death of a "fetus" while committing another crime. Kevin Paul of Planned Parenthhod especially fought against that bill, stating;  "This bill would lay the groundwork for an abortion ban."
The Socialist Democrat Party, rightfully known as the Party of Death, has lied through the teeth about Obamacare. The One, along with Nancy Pelosi have both publicly stated emphatically that the new plan would NOT--ABSOLUTELY NOT fund abortions. This is the most lying administration in America's history. Obama has unsuccessfully tried to hide the truth. We have proof that his take-over-America-healthplan-deception that he plans to ram through the houses behind closed doors will ABSOLUTELY FUND ABORTIONS!
Now what has all of this to do with a young king that died 3300 years ago? Plenty. At the deYoung Museum in San Francisco the spectacular King Tutankhamun exhibition, the treasures the boy king had in his tomb, can be viewed. If one thinks along the way, a lot can be learned.
Near the end of the display, which is playing to packed crowds, at $27.50 a pop (slightly less for kids and seniors), there are three tiny gold containers which are called, "Nested Fetus Coffins." These would contain the remains of King Tut's babies, two that were still-born and one from a miscarriage. Not only were these tiny gold coffins crafted for the unborn babies but there was also small gilded funerary masks for them. The King saw them as human beings and mourned their deaths as did all of Egypt. There was a special "Book of the Dead" for unborn babies' funeral rituals.
So the ancient Egyptians, with superior classical learning and knowledge recognized that life begins at conception, that a 'fetus' is a baby, and all life is to be honored and respected. If only America would begin exhibiting the wisdom of King Tut. He showed us a lot.

(Note from Writer: Some good news; Wyoming just passed HB 132, which increases penal time for people who cause the death of unborn babies with the charge of 2nd degree murder.)

Rev. Austin Miles is a pastor-chaplain and a teacher of Trinity Christian School who accompanied the student body to the exhibit. Visit his website at:

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