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But first, the dotted lines; The Week That Was:

World Net Daily (WND) carried this headline last week: "It's Time To Stop Obama's Congressional Circus." Now wait...hold on there WND!  Stop comparing Congress with the Circus. This could give the circus a bad name!... two D.A.s in Northern California got into a slug fest in the Contra Costa County D.A.s office in Martinez during a fuss about politics. Lead Prosecuter Harold Jewett struck Assistant D.A.Paul Sequeira in the face, who had to go to the hospital for stitches under his eye, making us wonder how this case of assault will be handled and who will prosecute who?.(whom?)...maybe the judge will strike them both from the record.

Here's more sensible news from the Left Coast, A California insurer now offers Marjuana Coverage...since California has made Marijuana use legal, it seems only logical to be insured against bad weed and even worse, lack of it...and a headline from the Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad states, "Union Declares Health Care Workers Do Not Have To Provide Sex" old fossils who are home-bound, some confined to bed or wheel chairs, still have to tame the procreation instinct!  Not to worry, with the California insurance company offering Majiuana coverage, they probably offer Viagra insurance in Amsterdam...and, how's that again? As a teacher was about to leave a classroom in Trinity Christian School in Oakley, California, fellow teacher, Christine Lopez said, "When you leave, please open the door." Huh?

Now for the feature story; The Goose That Touched The c'mon readers stop flying off with your own twisted intepretation of stop it!!  This is about a Canadian Goose that made an emergency landing on the rooftop of the headquarters of The Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek, California last week and quickly built a nest.

A favorite columnist of that paper, Gary Bogue, is an expert on wild life, having been a curator of the famous, Lindsay Wildlife Museum (in Walnut Creek) and is probably the foremost authority on that subject.  Bogue set up a 24 hour video camera on the roof focused on the nest and the goose (who has been named, Mother Goose), so that the world could watch the fascinating 3 week process.

Mother Goose layed 8 eggs, then settled on the nest to go through the process of hatching the eggs. That link has drawn thousands upon thousands of viewers who are fascinated with watching every movement of the goose,  probably the first goose in history to have her own reality show.

We just hope that this show will provide a decent nest egg to provide for the future of Mother Goose and her chicks. Meanwhile, the world is watching the best reality show on the's beautiful, it's pure...and enlightening.  And to think that the precise way Mother Goose tends her nest, turns her eggs and covers them before she waddles off for lunch was all created by a big bang when gasses gathered and exploded...a spontaneous 'big bang' as a result of hydrogen gasses colliding.

That's what the atheist scientists declare, even though those same scientists, including Carl Sagan [who] explained how the 'Big Bang' happened, in his work, "The Violent Universe" added:  "And yet there's the beguiling problem: Where did the original hydrogen gasses come from?"  To the secular scientific community; the answer can be found in the book of Genesis.

To watch Mother Goose, go to:  then to Gary Bogue Column and type in, Mother Goose.

Now let's get on with the new week.

Rev. Austin Miles is a pastor-chaplain at Mountian View Christian Center-Oakley California. Visit his website at: 

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