GOP Should Let Obama Veto ObamaCare Defunding Multiple Times

As usual, the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) wing of their national party  --  and their comrades in the establishment media, such as Bill O’Reilly on Fox News  --  have given up on defunding ObamaCare.  Their argument is that the president won reelection and it is time to acknowledge that fact. 

What is it about what the Founding Fathers  --  and about what the Constitution  --  gave this great country that the establishment does not understand?  The People’s House, i.e. the United States House of Representatives, is supposed to be the most powerful part of government. 

The establishment, including the RINOs, need to be reminded that ObamaCare  --  which is wildly unpopular with the American people and growing even more unpopular as its worst aspects are revealed  --  was rammed through the Senate on a party-line vote, even after the Democrats lost their 60-vote filibuster-proof majority in the Senate with Senator Scott Brown’s special election victory in Massachusetts.  Immediately after that election, Democrats in the Senate ignored the rules of the Senate and passed ObamaCare anyway, even though the American people did not want ObamaCare.  Not one Republican in the United States Congress voted for ObamaCare.

That was the first time in American history during which a major entitlement bill was passed through Congress without major bipartisan support.  And as a result, ObamaCare grows increasingly unpopular especially since the president promised ObamaCare would only cost less than one trillion dollars.  Indeed, ObamaCare is now projected to cost the American taxpayers a whopping $2.6 trillion, growing to a gargantuan $6 trillion.  So much for presidential promises.

Contrary to what the establishment  --  including the RINOs  --  want you to believe, there is a way for the Republicans, and the American people, to gain a victory in this fight over whether America will follow Europe into abject socialism. 

The Democrat Party did indeed keep the White House and the Senate in last year’s election.  However, the American people, in their collective wisdom, also gave a large majority control of the House of Representatives and 30 governorships to the Republican Party last November.  That sounds like a draw to me.  So, why in the world, should the Republican Party roll over and accept ObamaCare?

The way forward for the Republicans would be to do what the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, the Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, actually did this week.  He introduced a budget which balances in 10 years, without tax increases, and defunds ObamaCare, much to the derision of the establishment-likes of Bill O’Reilly.  O’Reilly and his guest last night, Lou Dobbs, huffed and puffed over the stupidity of the Republicans in hanging on to the issue of defunding ObamaCare.  It is over they say.  Obama won.  Case closed.

No, it ain’t over, O’Reilly.  House Budget Chairman Ryan, and the House Republican leadership who support the Ryan budget, are absolutely right.  The only way the American people are going to see who is bankrupting this country  --  Obama increased the national debt by $6 trillion, so far, and unless stopped, Obama will double the debt to $20 trillion by the time he leaves office with his annual $1 trillion deficits (5 years in a row so far)   --   is for there to be highly visible and headline-grabbing veto fights and constant fights in the House Republican/Senate Democrat budget bill conferences, multiple times

Unlike Ryan’s Republican budget which does not increase taxes and balances the budget in 10 years, the Democrat budget introduced by Senator Patty Murray this week increases taxes by a gigantic $1.5 trillion and that is on top of the $620 billion tax increase bill passed by the Democrats in January.  Those two enormous Democrat tax increases are on top of the $500 billion-plus in tax increases (over 10 years) amongst ObamaCare’s many onerous and job-killing provisions.  That is nearly $3 trillion of new Democrat Party tax increases if they get their way.

If the Republican leadership in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives follow this strategy of attempting to defund ObamaCare  --  and getting congressional Democrats on the record  --  it will require some courage.  The establishment media, of course, will be on the side of the Democrats. 

The Republicans, who controlled Congress in the late 1990’s, were bruised in their battles with Bill Clinton during multiple government shut-downs.  But, what the Republicans gained were several years of budget surpluses  --  the first in nearly a half century  --  and major welfare reform which also was hugely successful. 

This time around, with possible multiple government shut-downs attracting the attention of the American people, Americans will finally learn which party never wants to balance the budget; which party wants trillions of dollars in tax increases, and which party wants to burden the American people with a  health care system they do not want and cannot afford.