GOP Wants To Keep The Obama Health Care Bill

GOP Wants To Keep The Obama Health Care Bill


A long time ago I posted that the Health Care Bill is a $100 Trillion Dollar system Per year that our Government Official wish to Tax and at the same time a force pay into that system with a 10% Tax against your yearly income. I hate to say it but I did say, "I Told You So."

 The Federal System wants that Tax Dollar so Government can grow.


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This week:
Insisting Republicans keep their promises to REPEAL ObamaCare!

PASSION: For more than 2 years now the majority of Americans have been in opposition to ObamaCare and we have been fighting the fight at every turn. For the last few months the Republicans have been trying to pass legislation to repeal the most egregious parts of the law. While this seems like a good thing and appears to be the direction that they should be moving, there have been talks that the GOP leadership thinks that if they succeed in repealing the WORST parts of ObamaCare, then they can get away with not repealing the entire thing if they end controlling all three branches of government come 2013.

ACTION: Today's passion to action focuses on reminding the Republicans and their leadership that we will not accept anything other than FULL REPEAL of OBAMACARE. Call your Representative and Senators today, and while you're at it call Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor and remind them that America cannot afford to retain any part of this law and that they must continue pushing until we have FULL REPEAL.

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