The Harbinger an ASTONISHING Book!

The Harbinger an ASTONISHING Book!

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Jonathan Cahn's Eye-opening Book
HARBINGERS OF the Financial Collapse of the US Dollar

Book Report by Rev. Austin Miles

And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord; and the Lord delivered them into the hand of Midian (for) seven years. Judges 6:1

The Christian thinker, Turtullian, born 160 A.D. asked a famous question: "What has Athens to Do With Jerusalem?"

Turtullian's question can legally be re-stated; What has Jerusalem to do with AMERICA? The answer, EVERYTHING, as conclusively proved by Jonathan Cahn's incredible, indeed chilling book, The Harbinger, or, the Warning.

The Bible, is not purported to be a history of the world (even though many documented accounts are there), but is instead, the history of God's relationship with man. The writings to the nations of that time equally apply to the nations of today.  

Now, the big question: Are the ancient prophesies of Israel joined to the future of America? Fasten your seat belts and prepare for a jaw dropping experience as you become acquainted with the Isaiah (9:10) Effect, which shows that America is doing the exact same thing that Israel had done, leading to God's judgement resulting in destruction by enemies, slavery, and calamity in every phase of the lives of the Jews. This page-turner shows America on that exact same path of judgement and destruction, which has already begun.

This book details the Nine Harbinger's dealing with Israel who had once walked with God and were victorious. But those victories began fading into the uncompromising distance as Israel's commitment to God decayed, bringing disaster where there were once blessings.

Cahn's book is not a preaching book, but a compelling story. like that of the late author, Irving Stone, the first to write the 'historical novel," meaning that instead of simply cataloging historical facts, it would read like a clutching drama that will not let the reader go once the pages are opened.

The Harbinger links indisputable facts together in a way that keeps readers on the edge of their couches guessing where each mystery will take them.

Israel disregarded each of the nine harbingers, God's hand was lifted and calamity began. Not too severe at first but increasing in magnitude as they continued to defy the very God who had blessed them so supernaturally in the beginning.

The Nine Harbingers have now been brought front and center to America. Each harbinger in Cahn's book is in the form of a coin with an ancient inscription or word which the protagonist must unravel, sending him to various familiar American sites including Ground Zero of 9/11.

Each coin is given by a mysterious prophet who does not explain the exact meaning, leaving it to the recipient to figure it out, becoming a high stakes intellectual pursuit.

The most startling of all is the significance of 9/11 which is considered a warning leading to even more significant destruction of America if the instructions continue to be ignored. It is pointed out that a nation's ground of consecration can become the ground of it's judgement. Yes, Ground Zero was the very ground where America was consecrated and the very ground of destruction since America disregarded her covenant with God.

And how many know that when he was inaugurated as first President of the United States, George Washington prophesied the future of America which has been fulfilled. Another jaw dropping revelation.

There was a more gentle warning to America in 1993, when terrorists drove a truck loaded with dynamite into the underground parking garage of The World Trade Center in New York City. The explosion resulted in damage to the building, many injuries and loss of lives. A Muslim leader said he was disappointed since he had tried to completely bring down the towers.

That harbinger was in a sense, fluffed off, and as America continued to defy God, 9/11 came and this time the towers DID come down. Since that time there has been economic collapse,and many mass shootings in schools across America--a former world power that is the process of deterioration. And the next judgement to come will be SEVERE.

Speeches on the floor of the Senate, The House, and from the President himself, though unintended, are all linked directly, almost word for word, to the judgement of America as foretold in the Scriptures.

The Harbinger is like a combination of Plato's Dialogues, Indiana Jones, the clue-chasing Dan Brown books--The Lost Symbol and DeVinci Code, a hint of Dickens' Christmas Carol, "What is and what would be," and even Sophies's World by Jostein Gaarder with the mysterious philosopher who shows up unexpectedly in Sophie's life like the mysterious prophet in The Harbinger.

History buffs will devour this book. Full documentation of every fact and every speech given by leaders, including George Washington and his little known prophecy regarding America's future is furnished in this work. The solid evidence is overwhelming.

Those interested in the biblical connection will find a feast of facts even though atheists will try to quarrel over anything that has to do with the Bible, which to them, is "a myth."

However, atheists are a scholarly group and although they don't believe in The Bible, will have to recognize that the statements in the Bible were written six thousand years ago, before there was a New York or Washington, D.C., with facts that cannot be denied.

This book must be read by all Christians. It is also urged that The Harbinger be bought and presented to your pastor, another to an unbeliever and copies sent to your representatives in the Congress and Senate.

This writer is an avid reader with a good size personal library. But never has any book affected me like The Harbinger. It was not sent to me as a press copy with request for a review. I purchased it after seeing and hearing the author, Jonathan Cahn, on Trinity Broadcasting Network and had no choice but to spread the word in the news outlets available. It is the best mystery novel, adventure, Biblical, history and end times book I've ever read.

The Harbinger, which must be considered a classic work, is available in all bookstores with Amazon and offering it for half price.

Rev. Austin Miles is a working chaplain who has never accepted a 501(c)3 for his ministry. His website: has over a million and a half visitors.