Hunger in America a Growing Reality

Why are there people starving in America?  One reason I believe that this is occurring is because there is a lack of compassion created because we are being directed toward socialism.  With the creation of welfare, people are looked upon by the leaders in Washington as nothing more than a number on a roll.   The American public is becoming weary of having to support those who are struggling more so than they, because with the current economic status we as a nation currently stand upon,  people are withholding their money to make sure that they have enough to survive upon for themselves and their families.  The church is the one whose place this task belongs to, not the U.S. government.  The church has the ability to relate to people on an individual basis and meet the need on a personal level.  I truly believe that if the church of Jesus Christ would involve itself fully on this issue that hunger could be greatly reduced at a great savings to the U.S. taxpayer.   Will this occur, I have my doubts, but I believe that if God's people will get involved in His plan for mankind, than anything is possible.   If you would like to read more on what I have to say on various topics, check out by blog at

Hunger in America a Growing Reality - If America is the land of plenty then why are so many people going hungry? []

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