I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

A byMassingale F.A.S.C. Concepts News Story

 by Henry Massingale


I am going to share a true story about this Health Care Bill, and as a Tea Party American who helped President Obama into Office, and my fight against this Bill To Law.
One would think that one could not bring a fight against this Government all by them self, but it would need the touch of a dyslectic mind to see into issue of this Bill not seen by you.
As DNA Testing goes forward on children unborn and born so that Health Care Companies and pick and chose the best and dump the rest. You say impossible because of the Law within that Bill.
As the attempt goes forward to force Health Care Companies to cover the Sick, companies now see the failures of their system because of the cost then this means Government must put forward Bailouts and even as they attempt to pay off this Bailout the system failure is still going to happen. So why would our Government System want the failure of Health Care Companies ? This Health Care System is a $100 Trillion Dollar System per year not profit. At the same time a 10% Tax would go forward against that part of the Health Care System causing more cost increase.
Then as I dug deeper I found where the System paid for Oxy Heroin with your Tax Dollars. You may say so what ? will this is why.
2nd Debit Issue, between Canada and the USA, 1.2 million people died from Oxy Heroin. June 30, 2011, C-Span-3 on TV, the Capital Hill, Director Senator Sheldon, Senate Judiciary Sub Committee for Crime and Terrorism. Announcement Oxy. Heroin, this Heroin Health Care Concept, in 2007 that 27,000 Americans died, from this Opioid. So if this Oxy Heroin is so good for the economy, where is the money ?
Then you have the 10% cost against your yearly income at gross....
The Union helped bring forward this Bill but now they want out because of the cost which is in the Trillions of Tax Dollars to a Federal System that not only miss used around $100 Trillion Dollars in the last 10 years, but it is said that $25 Trillion is missing from out Social Security Funds.
So I posted Where Is Our Money Bolo Alert / byMassingale on the net and its covering the Net because what I write I make sure it is true first.
I built a honest Health Care Concept for President Obama and Ill be damned if they saw only the $ and not the economic adjustment built within.
27 States filed a Un-Constitutional Suite against this Bill and I will not rest until it reaches 40 States.
Now The Democrat Party tried to put a Supreme Court Judge in place in support of this Bill, but before this happened I brought forward a Internet catch that people liked, it was called, "I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands"
I hammered the Internet and then I was sent a notice of what they did, so I wrote to the Federal Courts this " When a Governing Party miss use of the Power to Appoint a Judge Into the highest Court of The Land, it is seen as a attempt of control against the well of The People, so there for in respect of the Courts and the Protection Of The People, that this Power to appoint a Supreme Court Judge is to be suspended and all Judges should be voted into Office as others."
Now so it is to be known Republicans and Democrats Built this Health Care Bill Of Control.
Whom am I, I am they last person to betray my faith in Country, and I will not stop until all are voted out of Office for betraying The People Of The United States.
So send this message to them that now you know.
Henry Massingale


 Fron CBS News, found in a google.com search/ google hot link


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