Introducing the 112th Congress Freshman Class

Introducing the Freshman Members of the 112th Congress including the following additional information:

  • The name of the Member of Congress representing the district in the 111th Congress labeled "predecessor" along with the predecessor's National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) score for the 111th Congress. The NRLC score is indicated in brackets after the Member's name.
  • Limited endorsement information to provide information about how the new Member is likely to vote on pro-life issues. Endorsement abbreviations are:
    • NRLC: National Right to Life Committee
    • RNCLife: Republican National Coalition for Life
    • SBA: Susan B. Anthony List
    • CWA: Concerned Women for America
    • FRC: Family Research Council
  • Based on this information, each new Member is categorized as one of the following:
    • Pro-life Improvement
    • No Pro-life Change
    • Mixed or Unknown
    • Pro-life Loss

Click Here to be introduced to your new 112th Congress Freshman Class.

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