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Last week President Obama put our country in a position of undermining the peace and security of the nation of Israel.

As Christians, we cannot allow this to happen.

In a major foreign policy speech, Barack Obama called for Israel to return to its former borders prior to the 1967 “Six Day War” with Egypt, Syria and Jordan.  In some places, those borders leave Israel less than nine miles wide.

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As a result of that war – and in order to better defend itself – Israel expanded and has since defended those borders.  Now Barack Obama calls for the Jewish people to unilaterally give up that land and place themselves at risk again.

This comes while, as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out, the Palestinians are governed by Hamas, the mid-east terrorist equivalent of Al Qaida.

Today, Christian Coalition of America is launching a national campaign to call on Americans and our government to “Stand with Israel”.

We must not allow our leaders to put America in a position of weakening Israel in the face of those who are committed to its destruction.

As Netanyahu stated, “Events in the region are opening people’s eyes to a simple truth: the problems of the region are not rooted in Israel”.

Let our leaders know that you agree – and that America should not be put in the position of compromising the peace and security of Israel.

Click here and add your name to the public commitment to “Stand with Israel” today.


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