It's Election Day!

Today is the day to bring some REAL change to America.

Recent polls show a record number of competitive US House and Senate races...and lots of momentum for conservatives.  And while those reports and VERY encouraging, they are still just opinion polls.  They're not votes.  Yet.

If you haven't done it yet, be sure to go to our 2010 Voter Guide page and download voter guides for your area.  Print, copy and distribute to anyone and everyone you know and help make sure they know where the candidates really stand before they cast their ballot.

We also have a great application that helps you promote voter guides on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), over the next day, to all of your friends AUTOMATICALLY with just 1 status update or 'tweet' over the course of Election Day.

But just one more educated voter can be the difference between victory or defeat for candidates that will actually respect our values and our Constitution.  In other words, every vote counts!


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