King Tut is Missing

At least a gilded wood statue of him is gone. This fellow had a difficult reign and following his death things have not gone well. He was made ruler of Egypt at the age of 9. Being the product of an incestuous union he had poor health all his life. His mother was the sister of his father. These Royal rulers!!

Tut had a club foot and necrosis (tissue death) which destroyed bones in part of his foot. Scientists think he had a cleft palate. His immune system was weak which allowed for many infectuous diseases. He died of malaria. He was the last of his dynasty.

Ramses I, the new pharaoh, set about to erase all evidence that King Tut ever lived. Structures were built over Tut's tomb. 3000 years later, 1922, it was discovered. Tut and 5,000 artififacts came to life. (Resource, National Geographic, September 2010)

The latest "pharaoh" Mubarak is missing - at least from his palace in Heliopolis.  He is suffering exile in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Fortunately, the Israelis gave the tourist mecca back to Egypt with the 1979 peace treaty. There is no King in Egypt. The next ruler could possibly be a sworn enemy of the U.S.  The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) are not likely, in the short run, to take over. The military seems intent on keeping these brothers on the margin. President Obama has had kind things to say about the Ikhwan. Jimmy Carter's UN Ambassador, Andrew Young, said nice things about the Ayatollah Khomenini, "He is some kind of saint." History sometimes repeats itself.

Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi has issued a call to Muslim countries to join forces against Western powers, starting with Palestinians storming Israel. The loose-lipped Libyan leader has a short memory. Most of us recall the first time Arab countries stormed Israel in 1948. They were soundly defeated.

In 1956 Nasser, Egypt's dictator, nationalized the Suez Canal. Israel went to war with him and whipped him good. That wasn't good enough for him. He led Egypt into an alliance with Jordan and Syria and went to war again. In six days he was shellacked! Israel took East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, the Sinai Pennisula, and the Gaza Strip. A humiliating defeat. But this was not enough. Israel had to send its air force to strike Egypt in 1970. Again,  Israel prevailed.

Still not convinced, Egypt and her allies prepared to strike Israel in 1973. Called the Yon Kipper War, it was a great blow to Egypt and Arab forces. Israel "cleaned their plow again." Guess what? Mubarak was ready to sign a peace treaty with Israel. The present military force in Egypt has declared that the treaty will stay put. Good choice!

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL. Isaiah, who has a great prophecy record, has prophesied that a day will come when the very mention of Israel in Egypt will cause the Egyptians to tremble; five cities in Egypt will speak the Israeli language (one of these, Heliopolis, the former residence of Mubarak); Egypt will build an altar to the Lord in the center of it's country and a pillar to the Lord at its border; a great highway will be built between Bagdad and Cairo; Iraq will go to Egypt to worship and Egypt will go to Iraq to worship; Israel, Egypt and Iraq will form a triple alliance.

"The Lord of Hosts will bless them, saying, Blessed be Egypt My people, Iraq My handiwork, and Israel My inheritance."  - Isaiah 19:17 - 25

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