Look to the Future

Before Ronald Reagan took office the fairness doctrine was already in place and was used to help control the conservative movement in check.  Remember at this point in time people like Rush Limbaugh did not dominate the nations airwaves as is the case today.  But when Reagan was able to defeat this legislation the door cracked open and we as conservatives have not looked back. 

 Does anyone believe that the current atmosphere in our country would allow such legislation to take wings onece again?  I do not believe so.  With so many people tuned into people like Limbaugh, Fox news and other such entities I truly believe that the Democratic party and Barrack Obama would be faced with so many lawsuits and such an outcry from the public that such a law will not be able to overcome the obstacles that it faces.  Does this not mean we will not face challenges?  I would be a fool to thinks otherwise.  However, I do believe that Obama does not want to come across as a complete liberal because if he does he will end up loosing any hopes of reelection in four years. 

But even if the fairness doctrine should be able to stiffle the conservative movement in one way we must be willing to use the technology that is available to us to help promote our message.  For I truly believe that our message is one that cannot be trumped when it is accurately portrayed.  Thus times may appear dark now, but it is always appears darkest before the dawn breaks forth.  And believe me, the dawn will rise once again in this great nation.

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I wish it were so, but I don't believe it. The Obama administration and Democrats are embolden by their win, and they will begin the fight they have been salivating about for years. Hopefully, Christians will not simply sleepwalk through the next 4 years, but remain vigilant and on guard to protect our religious freedoms and defend our Christian heritage

Robert, I can understand the way you feel about this.  But I am hopeful that the Christian majority will wake up and smell the coffee. We must pray and act as God leads and I truly believe that the conservative voice will be very difficult to shut down because so many people depend upon it.  If this was the early 80's than this would be possible, but we live in a different era, one which has many more avenues in which one can voice their values and beliefs.  Thus, I believe we will win out in this battle.

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