Machine Gun Preacher Rivets Churches With On-Target Message!

Rev. Sam Childers is a man on a mission, one that could cost him his life as he performs such daring exploits that a movie has been made about them with another cinematic feature in preparation titled, Another Man's War, which tells how he rescues children in Northern Uganda from the armies that have kidnapped them at gunpoint. The highly in-demand church and conference speaker is coming to Northern California, Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley to be exact, on Sunday December 5th for both services at 9 and 11.

Rev. Childers is an internationally acclaimed evangelist who could have a much easier life holding evangelistic services in churches all over the world who's pastors are anxious to secure him for their pulpits. However, his primary focus for the past 13 years, is his fight to rescue suffering children from the wars in that troubled country. Deprived of any semblance of childhood, approximately two hundred children are kidnapped every day with little boys being forcibly put in slave labor or into the army while little girls are raped and used as sex toys.

The armies there are so ruthless that some children are tortured hideously, again, CHILDREN, such as being nailed to trees to instill fear in other children as a warning to obey everything the armies tell them to do. They've never had a chance.

That is, until Rev. Childers, shocked at what he saw there, put all else on the shelf, organized his own army and with him leading, with a machine gun in one hand and a Bible in the other, leaped into action as they raided army camps and took children out to house them in a safe haven, which is an orphanage founded by Rev. Childers. They have over 1000 children there.

Most of the rescued children require months of deprogramming and debriefing from the traumas they suffered at the hands of their captors, and in many cases, first seeing their parents slaughtered in front of them before they were taken away, leaving the bleeding parents sprawled out on the ground.

Rev. Childers has given up all creature comforts to get these abused children to safety with bullets whizzing by his head as he does. He still weeps when he recalls finding a child nailed to a tree, hastening to get the child off the tree and then realizing that the child had died in agony shortly before he got there. He is willing to make any sacrifice, put his very life at risk to put a stop to such savagery. The armies have put out an official contract to have him killed. But he's more than willing to take these risks in order to rescue children and save them from torture in true Rambo fashion.

He can be seen and heard at Mountain View Christian Center (MVCC) at 5000 Amaryllis Street (between O'Hara and Empire) off Carpenter Road in Oakley, California at 9 and 11 AM Sunday December 5th. Those attending will get a double feature: a  performance of the dramatic musical, Candy Cane Lane, followed by Rev. Sam Childers, The Machine Gun Preacher. Actor Gerald Butler will star as Rev. Childress in the upcoming movie (now in pre-production), Another Man's War, directed by Marc Forster (The Kite Runner).

Watch for him when he comes to your area of the world. He will motivate you, stimulate you, challenge you, give you hope and give a talk that you will never forget.


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