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 Mark Ye Your Calendars. Tomorrow evening, January 26, 2010.  The Great Chicken Trail of Brentwood will be heard before the Brentwood City Council Meeting at 7 PM. The defendants, Henny and Penny, the hens that became famous when a neighbor complained about them, will be there in person er in chicken?  MilesTones will be there to speak in de-fence of the Scriptures Controversy, Screen Actors Guild..uh..program? Global Warming...Swine Flu...Obama and more...

The Dotted Lines: Hawaii recently set aside a day to honor the birth of Obama, wherever that is. Unlike other holidays of honor, they didn't close the banks, since The One has been closing them Himself ever since He was put in office....interesting headline caught recently in Irish Central: "6 of 10 Richest People in Ireland Are Bankrupt." How's that again?...The London Mail reports that if pregnant women eat eggs, the child they give birth to will be more intelligent. When Henny and Penny (the hens fighting eviction from a residential neighborhood), heard this report they clucked, "Of course."  This might come up at their trial tomorrow to show that they make a solid contribution to society..and please don't think we are conceited...but our reports about the chickens has been nominated for a Pullet-zer Prize.

Overheard at the VA Center in Martinez, California. Clarita Curcini, the wife of noted chaplain, Carson Curcini, who now pastors a church in Bulingame, California, has battled cancer and won. The chemo she took caused her to lose all her hair, so she wore a wig. When her hair started growing back out, she reported back to work at the VA Center. A doctor walked through and said to her, "You cut your hair?" "No," she responded, "I'm letting it grow back out." An outstanding woman of strength, grace and spark

The Screen Actor's Guild Awards Program that aired this last weekend SAG-ed. Uneven,badly produced with actors who looked like a deer caught in the headlights as they accepted their 'awards' and peppered their speechis with "" Betty White received the lifetime achievment award and was funny, but she just had to add in some crude sexual inuendos that were not becoming. Drew Barrymore did a complete melt down, and for the first couple of minutes could not put a sentence together; On the verge of panic, she stammered unfomfortably and could only stutter,, uh,um, um....uh. It was not an act .It was a true melt down. Other actors shown in the audience displayed an incredible attitude during the show.

Then the "actors" couldn't read the teleprompter which they obviously were dependant upon. One FEMALE ACTOR, realized that she couldn't read the teleprompter without her glasses which she had failed to bring and asked the male cohost to read her part. Absolutely amateurish.  Perhaps all the present day "actors" should attend Obama's Teleprompter Reading Class. Now that would be a positive contribution to our country.

But the most annoying thing of all, is the reference of women as "actors." instead of actresses. This is ridiculous. We can thank organizations like NOW for blurring gender lines, so that all sexes are now one. In more sensible times, an actor was male and an actress was female...period. No explanation was necessary.  Now, women insist upon being referred to in men's terms. That, they think, makes them equal in standing. To show how insane this is, the participants of the award show had to be explained as a "male actor," or a "female actor."  So these misguided femmes who have assaulted and mangled our language to prove their point (what point?), still had to be divided by the terms, male and female, the very thing they were kicking about and wanted to change, which made the division of sexes even more obvious.  This is nuts.  AAAARRRRGH!  That SAG awards night was awful!

You Heard About It First From Us Dept.. We were the first to state that the Global Warming fraud was just that. It was put into place in order to justify a global tax (to fight dangerous climate change). Al Gore, the hired front man for this scam so far has accumulated $100.million in his personal bank account by pushing the UN agenda. He stands to gain over $1.Billion IF he can convince the world that global warming will burn us all to a crisp and the UN Tax of every person in the world manages to slip through. However, the world has finally awakened from its dogmatic slumber and that whole scheme is being shot down by scientists and even the media.

Then we were the first to challenge the HiNi "Swine Flu" as a scam. You can check all our stories on this website or googling them.  The Straits Times of London reports that a prominent health expert declares that the HiNi flu scare was "faked by drug companies."  Dr. Wolfgang Rodarg stated that this scare was "one of the greatest medical scandals of the century". It was all about profits. Dr. Rodarg also stated that it is a normal kind of flu which does not cause even a tenth of the deaths caused by regular seasonal flu. We tol-ja so.

We've all heard about the flap about soldiers having Scripture references carved on their gun sights. Scope manuracturer, Trijicon, engraved scriptures on their gun optics that our troops used to defend themselves against Muslim terrorists. The ever watchful Military Religious Freedom Foundation, led by Mickey Weinstein, declared that having those scripture references on their rifles "will offend our opposition and be used as a recruiting tool for terrorists." We certainly must not do anything that will offend Muslims charging at us with drawn swords, firing guns, rockets, bombs strapped to cars and people with the intent to kill every non-muslim in the world. That would be uncouth. I wonder what Miss Manners would say about this lack of sensitivity and courtesy toward our enemies?

Let's close with an upper for the day. California has now legalized Marijuana production and use for all. Far out!  So much so that we can't inhale any more of the news. It's time to take another walk.

Rev. Austin Miles is a pastor-chaplain in Northern Callifornia. Visit his website by going to:


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