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Woke up this morning thinking about how America is being led by the nose to a sink hole. Then a sudden thawt! On this date, April 10 in 1912 the RMS Titanic set sail on it's maiden voyage from Southhampton, England, with the boast that 'the Titanic could never be sunk.'  Spooky similarity!. Also today, with still some remnants of the flu left, and being declared to no longer pose a threat to the public and considered fit to be released back into society, managed to tape three MVCC Oakley Newcasts. This is the link to one of those taped today, a 5 minute true story about a surfer's bonding with a whale and an unusual answer to prayer:
The Dotted Lines
Charlie Sheen sez he's "done" with 2 1/2 Men, which narrows it down to 2 men...a kid was recently born with a total of 31 fingers & toes (according to WND), which gives a new meaning to living in the new digital age...The Legal Times yesterday announced that a screw manufacturer sued a class-action attorney who ran an ad seeking potential clients against them...looks like that lawyer is scr. . nah..that's too obvious....let's try this....looks like that lawyer is NAILED... two German women tried to sneak a dead body (in a wheelchair-"He's asleep")  aboard a plane in London bound for Germany for the preparations and the funeral without the fees attached to such things...meaning they will save 3000 pounds repatriation costs by taking him as alive rather than dead. They got caught and will be punished.  That's what you get for trying to stiff an airline.

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI)  filed to defend ministers in a lawsuit filed by Michael Newdow and Freedom From Religion Foundation that wants to see Minister's Housing Allowance stopped. A Federal District Judge in Sacramento stated that PJI was not neccessary and ruled that the IRS and state tax collectors would "adequately represent the ministers' efforts to maintain their current exemptions."  How's that again?  We're going to check out some henhouses and foxes while we think this one out.....and Orlean Koehle, State President of Eagle Forum of California, notified MilesTones that Al Gore, who caught a lot of heat over his global warming hoa....idea, will receive an honorary doctoral degree from University of Tennessee which prompted one of her colleagues to write: "Yup, the Universtiy of Tennessee has it right when they say they're giving an honorary doctorate to Gore for his "visionary leadership,' after all, Gore DOES have visions.The only problem is, they're in "I SEE all the glaciers in the Himalayas melting by 2035."

Golfer Tiger Woods teed off the world by his adultries, then there is David Letterman who caught fire for having sex with his staff members....and Bill Clinton and the intern....the list goes on and how about a Hollywood actor who got fired for NOT having sex with a co-worker?  Yep, Neal McDonough,  seen in "Band of Brothers" and "Desperate Housewives" was three days into filming ABC's new series, "Scoundrels" when he refused to do a steaming hot love scene with Virginia Madsen.  "Because," he explained, "I am a family man and a Catholic." They fired him anyway. So it looks like you are scre.....ah here we go again...How about this?....So it looks like no matter what you do, or DON"T do, you can never please the world.

As for me, I think it's time to go out for another walk..

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