Military chiefs at odds with White House over gays in the military

It should come as no surprise that the Obama administration has moved forward in pushing Congress to overturn the existing ban on open homosexuality in the military despite the objections of leading generals and admirals.  In fact, each of the heads of the services, who collectively comprise the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have opposed the plan.

Previously, Secretary of Defense Gates had put in place a review of military policy on the matter and its impact on military readiness that will not be concluded until December. It was thought that Congress and the White House would wait until after the study was complete to think about making any changes.

Not hardly.

The fact that the study won't be complete until December is EXACTLY why they want to move ahead now.  Because that means there will be a new (more Republican, more conservative) Congress in place by the time the issue is addressed - and they want to change it while they can.  Not to mention make the radical, gay rights lobby happy in the process.  All part of the strategy of trying to excite the base before the election.

This tells you a little bit about how this administration feels about our military leaders:

...Adm. Mullen approved a White House deal for Congress to go ahead with a
vote on repeal of the law barring openly gay members from the military,
rather than waiting for completion in December of a Pentagon study that
is seeking the views of troops. Adm. Mullen's move brought an instant
rebuttal from the four chiefs in the form of letters to Congress urging
lawmakers not to hold the vote.

In fact, the service chiefs did not see the Pentagon-White House-congressional deal to rush a vote until after the administration announced it May 24, Pentagon officials

Retired Air Force Gen. Charles Horner, who opposes lifting the ban, said he has never seen such a significant public split between the chiefs and the chairman.

"The chairman is deeply beholden to the secretary of defense and the president," said the former four-star officer, who directed the 1991 air war against Iraq. "He is in a
tougher position than the service chiefs. And also the service chiefs
are more directly concerned with things like readiness and personnel
policies. I can see where this split occurs, for understandable

Asked whether he had ever witnessed such public disagreement with the four-star officers who run the military, Mr. Horner answered, "No, I have not."

On Thursday, Democrats in the House and on the Senate Armed Services Committee ignored the service chiefs and voted to repeal the gay ban, likely assuring a bill will reach Mr. Obama's desk this year.

Again, that's what they think of our military's leadership.  You know, the people who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.  But, as mentioned, they see election storm clouds ahead...and they're moving to push their agenda while they still can.

What liberals must be made to understand is that the military is not a place for social experimentation.  They do enough of that with our society at large.


TAKE ACTION: Contact your members of Congress and tell them to oppose overturning the ban on open homosexuality in our military!


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