The Miracle of The Big Bang!

     The existence of this earth with its vegetation, people and animals along with the extraordinary function of the universe with its billions of planets, stars, moons and sun as they criscross and circle each other in the vast sky with perfect timing and without crashing into one another, represents incredible planning that is amazing to try and comprehend.

    What a miracle to think that it all came into place by the existence of a precise moment when gasses came together and exploded, resulting in the Creation of the earth and all living things. Even those gasses must be considered miraculous since nobody knows how they came into being.
    In the beginning, living creatures were all animals that over a period of billions of years, evolved  According to the expert scientists and anthropolgists of the day, our ancestors are gorillas, fish and the planets themselves-three separate learned opinions to explain our origins.

    And those three different origin stories came scientist...Carl Sagan,  who obviously had a tough time making up his mind. So we can take our choice as to which ancestors we want to call our own even though Charles Darwin seems to favor the apes as our closest kin.  Could be.
    Beyond scientific knowledge, I checked the ultimate authority, The Bible, and found this in Psalm 139:14; "I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well."
    We humans are indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made. Humans are walking miracles. On the 18th day after conception.. a baby is 1/10th of an inch. The first parts to be developed are the ears and eyes.
    On the 25th day, when the baby is 1/4th of an inch, its heart and tongue are developed.  As the baby grows, her eyes (like ours) will have 100 million receptors. She will then have 50,000 touch receptors. Her ears will have 24,000 fibers...she will have 500 muscles...200 bones...7 miles of nerve fiber...60,000 miles of blood vessels...her heart will pump 1,600 gallons of blood every day and her mind will think 800 words per minute.  Little boys no doubt think and speak less words per minute (when there are girls present).
    The birth of a baby is a miracle as is all human life. For two people to become parents is a Divine miracle and sacred trust from God. A baby is the combination of the mother's and father's flesh and both an equal part of this new life. And that is what the Bible means about marriage, and a man and a woman, "becoming one flesh."
    While this is indeed a miracle, the biggest miracle of all is the revelation of scientists that a spontaneous combustion of gasses, with origins nobody can trace, resulted in life. To grasp this fully requires 'unbelievable'  faith.

This story is posted on my website and we received an incredible letter in response, by a homosexual who found in the story my "anti-gay marriage" statement and pro-life statement, even though that story was totally about creation. You will find that story and response by clicking Archives-July after going to the website,  Also check out my story there, Not Over The Rainbow but IN It for another off the wall letter and for this one, my own response.

Rev. Austin Miles is a Pastor at Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley California as well as a teacher and Dean of Students at the accredited, School of Theology. Visit his website by going to:

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