Netanyahu, Hold Firm Against Obama's Bullies

Growing up with an Islamic background and attending a church for 20 years which spewed anti-Israel hatreds, is it any wonder that Barack Obama's foreign policy is firmly anti-Israel?  Indeed, Israel's ambassador to the United States has been quoted saying it is the biggest "crisis" between America and Israel in the past 30 years.   

The Obama administration's radical anti-Israel policy is even worse than the previous Israel-hating president, Jimmy Carter.  Like Carter, Obama promised to bring peace to the Middle East.  He has done everything but that, with his divisive policies.   

Thankfully, the conservative prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, backed by an overwhelming number of Israelis, and supported by a large majority of Americans, is not about to cower before the bullies in Obama's White House and State Department.  The top political advisor in the White House, David Axelrod, blasted Netanyahu's announcement of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem as "an insult" just before the vice president's visit to Israel.   

The Obama administration's policy toward Israel is a disgrace considering that Israel is America's only true ally in the Middle East, and happens to also be the only democracy in that troubled area.  The Palestinians clearly do not want peace, especially considering the fact that they have refused to sit down with Israel to discuss statehood for the Palestinians and cessation of violence from the Palestinians and their allies against Israel.   

Israel must not give an inch on handing over any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.  The president is just going to have to accept that reality if he wants to have any hope of bringing peace to the Mideast during his administration. 

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