New study weakens case for gay marriage

Over the course of the debate over gay "marriage", supporters have made contended that homosexuals provide stable family environments, at least as much as heterosexuals.  You hear a lot of this in debates over adoption policies as well. Well now a new study is about to be released (out of San Francisco of all places), that should cast some much deserved doubt on that notion.

The study, done by San Francisco State University, was recently previewed in the New York Times (no doubt as potential damage control) and it finds that about half of all male gay couples admit that they regularly engage in sexual activity outside of their "committed" relationship...with the approval of their partner.  Again, half admitted to such behavior, which leaves you to wonder about the other half.

Of course, in the process of doing its damage control duty, the Times did its best to put a positive spin on the study, suggesting that this kind of "transparency can make relationships stronger".

So it's come to this?  Suggesting that "open" marriages can be more stable, therefore gay marriage is no problem?  The one and only reason to even make such a suggestion is because they are worried that this revelation will hurt the chances of approving gay marriage in other states.

The last time I checked, things like monogamy and fidelity are part and parcel to the definition of marriage.  Which is why adultery is against the law and cause for divorce.

These findings just underscore once more how what the homosexual lobby really wants it no marriage as its currently understood, but to redefine it along the lines of their own behavior. 

In other words, it just becomes a means of demanding that society give an official stamp of approval to their behavior, along with a new tax status.


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