Newspaper Rebuked for Another Carrie Prejean Attack

Like many newspapers, The Contra Costa Times has a history of attacking Christians and slanting the news to fit the liberal socialist agenda. On September 1st, their page 2 "People" section went after the real Miss USA, Carrie Prejean, stating that she filed a lawsuit in order to bring more attention to herself. This pastor promptly wrote a response with request to publish. After ignoring the request for two weeks they received a second notice, a bit more forceful, advising that by deliberately printing misinformation about Ms. Prejean, they were obligated to publish my response to correct their mis-statements.

Two days later, Thursday September 17th, my edited response was published thusly:

Unfair to Prejean

     Often I enjoy the humor of your Page Two People section.  However, your September 1 item about former Miss USA, Carrie Prejean was anything but funny. Indeed it was a dishonest subdued vicious attack on the beauty queen that was not deserved. Ms. Prejean has rightfully filed a lawsuit against the Miss USA Pageant officials for religious discrimination and wrongful termination of her crown.
     Your headline stated that 'wanting more attention, she filed this lawsuit.' Ms. Prejean does not to have to file a lawsuit to get attention. She has had more than enough. Your article incorrectly states that Ms. Prejean made "anti-gay marriage statements." She did not. She made a statement upholding traditional marriage due to a direct question by judge Perez Hilton that should never have been asked in the first place. She answered the question honestly and with grace.
       Ms. Prejean had scored the most points in every category of the pageant and was seen as the new Miss USA. It was only that inappropriate question at the end that cost her the crown, as Hilton has bragged.
        She has suffered enough hurts and humiliation without you people causing her more and attributing things to her that simply are not true.

Rev. Austin Miles
Unfortunately, we Christians can no longer sit back passively when Christians are being subject to uncalled for attacks, but simply for being Christians.

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