Obama's dangerous policy against Israel

Obama's speech last week in Cairo, Egypt was highly dangerous in that he did not say that America will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.  During his presidential campaign, he said his administration would not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons.    

As evidence of yet another broken campaign promise, Obama said in his Cairo speech that taking out a nation's nuclear weapons is not a decision left to one nation, but to a community of nations or words to that effect.  Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday yesterday said that Obama hardly mentioned anything about this serious threat from Iran during his Cairo speech.  

Charles Krauthammer, on the same Fox News Sunday program, said that in his speech, Obama compared the genocide against the Jews (the Holocaust) with the dislocation of Palestinians because of Israel's actions following the war.  Such comparisons, said Krauthammer, "[are] morally indecent,"   Obama's moral equivalence nonsense is what the world also heard from the failed Carter one-term administration.   

The dislocation of the Palestinians was a result of the unprovoked war by the Arab/Muslim nations against Israel years ago.  Israel, even back then, said Mr. Kristol, agreed to a 2-state solution, whereas the Arab nations refused to recognize Israel as a nation.  Said Mr. Kristol, Obama "is conceding an Iranian nuclear weapon" and is basically ensuring an attack by Israel against Iran's nuclear facilities.  What else can Israel do?  If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, it will blackmail nations into establishing policies favored by Iran.   

Ultimately, if the United States does not act to eliminate Iran's nuclear weapons program or to assist Israel in doing so, Iran will actually use a nuclear weapon against Israel which will result in a loss of much of Israel's population.  It will also result in a massive retaliation by Israel not only against Iran but against many other Muslim capitals and cities.   

Unfortunately, the Muslim-favoring American news media has given Obama a pass on Iran's rush to possess nuclear weapons and has not questioned Obama or his State Department officials on his broken campaign promises.  As Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have discussed in their recent video on Israel, Barack Obama "is severing a 60 year U.S. policy of support for Israel even as the mortal threat of Iranian nuclear weapons loom" and their video also discusses "how Hillary Clinton is helping to implement his Arabist policies."   

Israel's friends in Congress better step up to the plate pretty soon to help our greatest ally in the Middle East before it is too late.

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