Obama's New Bus to Throw America Under--Part 3

An ominous long black bus is driving across America. While some have complained about the dark color, it is entirely appropriate for The One inside who is very much a merchant of doom. In a short time he has almost pushed America off the cliff. He and his Communist handlers do not intend for it to be "almost."

Obama claims that this bus ride was simply to meet, mingle and listen to the people. Residue of a bull! Truth be known (unique in this administration), this trip IS a campaign trip to ramp up his charisma and smooth speaking abiity to try to woo and persuade the country to keep him in The Oval Office, even though The One denied that this was the purpose.

The bus cost $1.2 million and, now get this, was made in Canada! And who is paying for all of this? Us. The taxpayers. While it is convenient to have his own bus to throw America under, at our expense, it might also be beneficial for him to get used to riding a bus as he may be riding a city bus in the future.

Obama is attempting to steer America away from all the principles set forth by the Founding Fathers. Especially the inclusion of God in the affairs of government and the country. With the Founder's relationship with God, the new country quickly rose to economic success, power and had the respect of the world. And America had never been attacked by a foreign nation.

In 1963, with Marxism pulling the strings, prayer was suddenly ruled illegal in the public schools.  In 1972, Roe vs. Wade was argued in the Supreme court with the results being the legalization of abortion. God's Hand was lifted.

The following year, the crime rate, as documented, rose 100 %. And it has continued to rise. The Marxists kicked God out of the schools, and terror came in the open door.

Then, on September 11, 2001, The United States was attacked on its own soil by a foreign nation for the first time, with horrible results. Our economy has crashed, along with respect for America. Riots are now taking place throughout the world. The Socialists who have taken over many cities of the world, did not meet the expectations of the 'entitlement society,' they created. All these problems due to being influenced by Socialists to turn their backs on God.

A letter to readers of The Social Conservative Review, a publication of Family Research Council (FRC) came in last week with a look at today's events and our relationship with God:

Dear Friends,

This week's riots in Britain have reminded us that human nature is a volatile thing. As former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once put it, "The veneer of civilization is very thin."

Man is a fallen being, yet capable of great nobility of character. The Bible's teachings about man had an especially profound affect on the Founders as they considered how imperfect men could govern themselves.

Although they affirmed human fallenness, they also affirmed human dignity. If persons are made in God's image and likeness, then they have value before Him which should be honored by those political powers He ordains to govern them.

"Through the Judeo-Christian tradition, human rights are rooted in the moral worth with which a loving Creator has endowed each human life," writes scholar A. James Reichley, "and social authority is legitimized by making it answerable to transcendent moral law."

This cannot be understated. Without a grounding in biblical revelation and natural law, which is itself reliant on a belief in communicated transcendent truth, we have no basis for proclaiming human uniqueness and dignity.

"Religious liberty is a divine right, immediately derived from the Supreme Being, without the intervention of any created authority," New Hampshire preacher Israel Evans proclaimed in 1791. The same can be said for the rights to life and property, and the "pursuit of happiness," as articulated in our Declaration of Independence.

At the Family Research Council, we work to strengthen the veneer of which Mrs. Thatcher spoke through advancing measures that encourage faith, family, and freedom. For the sake of civilization, we believe there can few more important works.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice President
Family Research Council
Website: www.frc.org

We were again reminded of our reliance on God as we remembered August 15th, the day when Japan's Emperor Hirohito announced on radio that his country had accepted terms of surrender, ending WW II. But the day before, when Hirohito surrendered in 1945, President Harry Truman made some profound statements regarding the success of America in this war. This issue of American Minute should be examined carefully and should compel us to beseech God to put His Hand back upon us:

American Minute with Bill Federer

August 14

Emperor Hirohito surrendered AUGUST 14, 1945.

The next day, honoring the Jewish New Year, President Truman stated: "The enemies of civilization who would have destroyed completely all freedom of religion have been defeated. All faiths unite in thanksgiving to Almighty God on our victory over the forces of evil."

In a Day of Prayer, August 16, 1945, Truman proclaimed: "The warlords of Japan...have surrendered unconditionally... This is the end of the...schemes of dictators to enslave the peoples of the world, destroy their civilization, and institute a new era of darkness and degradation."

Truman continued:

"Our global victory has come from the courage...of free men and women united in determination to fight. It has come from the massive strength of arms...created by peace-loving peoples who knew that unless they won, decency in the world would end. It has come from millions of peaceful citizens...turned soldiers overnight-who showed a ruthless enemy that they were not afraid to fight."

Harry S Truman concluded:

"It has come with the help of God, Who was with us in the early days of adversity and...Who has now brought us to this glorious day of triumph. Let us give thanks to Him and...dedicated ourselves to follow in His ways."
American Minute comes out daily and you can subscribe to it at: www.americanminute.com

Obama has done everything in his power to stop God and any mention of His name. He has set out to defy God by opening the door of America to every thing that is offensive to God. Obama, guided by his Marxist Puppet Masters, are trying to stop Christianity and close our churches. We must NOT let it happen.

See Part 4 tomorrow.


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