Obama Abusing U.S. Navy Yet Again

This writer, a former Navy enlisted man, West Point graduate, and Vietnam War veteran, wrote on Christian Coalition of America’s website on May 31, 2011, that “Obama Dishonors Navy Ship-naming.”  It is hard to believe that after the uproar one year ago, Barack Obama is yet again using Navy ship-naming to help him in his reelection campaign.  Obama’s and his lapdog Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ disrespect for the United States military apparently know no bounds.

Last week, “the Washington Times” had an editorial entitled “Obama hijacks the Navy; Administration’s ship-naming grows overtly political.”  That editorial follows a “Times” editorial on December 7, 2011  -- the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack  --  entitled “The USS Karl Marx, Leftists run wild politicizing Navy ship names.”

The ever-increasing politically-correct Navy actually named a ship for a radical union leader named Cesar Chavez, Democrat from California, a leading socialist in America’s union ranks.  Then a ship was named for the civil rights activist, Medgar Evers, Democrat from Mississippi.

One of the most egregious ship-naming fiascos by Barack Obama’s administration was a ship named for the thoroughly disgraced Congressman, John P. Murtha, Democrat from Pennsylvania, who was being investigated by the FBI for possible ethics violations.  Congressional watchdog groups accused Murtha of directing appropriations towards organizations connected with the late Congressman.

Although Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the Democrat from Arizona, who was shot by a madman early last year, is a fine woman, there is no precedent for naming a United States Navy ship for someone in her circumstances.  Barack Obama is desperate to win his reelection at all costs, so using the military in such a blatant way is just a part of his campaign to get himself reelected.  As “The Washington Times” editorial stated last Monday:  “There are many appropriate ways to honor Mrs. Giffords, but this is not one of them.”

Senator Roy Blunt, Republican from Missouri, is determined to stop this outrageous politicization of the United States Navy and has amended the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act to “require a report on the policies and practices … for naming the vessels of the Navy.”  The Congress must ensure that Barack Obama’s politicization and left-wing social experiments end once and for all.

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