Obama administration just gets more pro-abortion

The Obama administration, which already was the most pro-abortion one in history, just got more pro-abortion this week.  And, incredibly, they are using their favorite government agency, the Department of Defense, to ram down their radical social policies upon the American people.  Previously, the Obama Democrats used a must-pass defense bill to attach a so-called "hate crimes" provision, which the majority of the American people overwhelmingly oppose.   

Yesterday, the Obama administration announced that the Defense Department will be making the morning-after pill Plan B  --  which many pro-lifers (who correctly believe that life begins at conception) call the "abortion pill  --  available at all military hospitals and health clinics around the world.   

Barack Obama has reversed many of the sensible, and life-giving, policies of the Bush administration since he was inaugurated this past year.  Indeed, on Obama's very first day in office, he signed an Executive Order abolishing President Ronald Reagan's "Mexico City Policy" prohibiting international groups  --  such as the abominable Planned Parenthood pro-abortion group founded by racist and eugenics supporter Margaret Sanger  --  which do abortions or promote abortions, from receiving any American taxpayers' dollars.  Both president Bush the elder and president Bush the younger maintained President Reagan's pro-life policies.   

Besides restoring tax money to these pro-abortion groups, Obama has rescinded conscience clause provisions protecting doctors, nurses and other medical personnel from doing or assisting in abortions and giving the Plan B "abortion pill" to patients.   

Additionally, instead of putting money into adult stem cell research which has cured, or is on the way to curing, some 70 plus diseases, the Obama administration, with the help of a compliant Democrat-controlled Congress, has plowed taxpayers' hard-earned dollars into one of the most useless, and wasteful kind of research, the human-embryonic stem cell destructive research, which has resulted in absolutely no cures whatsoever.  A radical pro-abortion Obama administration, by its actions this week, will only seal its party's fate in this year's elections and in the presidential election in 2012. 

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