Obama changes federal regulations on gay benefits

This week, Obama announced that he is changing government regulations to begin extending federal benefits to the partners of gay federal employees - which will essentially treats them like married couples.  According to the details, gay and lesbian partners of federal employees will be given access to health care benefits, financial benefits and relocation fees.  And of course this comes after Obama declared June to be "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month".

Obama's actions come after he received letters from prominent gay-rights groups, complaining that he had not done enough for them.

Then there was the decision this week by the Washington DC Board of Elections to reject the request of a coalition of black ministers to allow voters in the nation's capital to vote on overturning the City Council's recent decision to begin giving official recognition to gay marriages performed in other states.  They claimed the vote could lead to "discrimination".

This comes the same week that a new CBS News poll found that support for gay marriage has dropped by nine points in the last two months to only 33%.

Clearly the majority of the American people are opposed to gay marriage.  But the politicians in Washington have to hear from you.

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  How long will American citizens tolerate the depravity of immoral leadership, from the President down; we have allowed the principles and standards of God to be overturned, including the now legislating Supreme Court.  America has been fighting a landslide of corruption from every sort of lawlessness and immorality and with no end in sight.  America was once a peaceful nation that was recognized as a Christian Nation, blessed of God, but is now berated by the world with threatened borders.  Thousands of felonious laws are created in hopes of holding back this landslide, but little can be done if unwilling to reinstate and follow the ways of God.  America must awake from her slumber and seize the opportunity to take back their country or lose it entirely to ungodliness.


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