ObamaCare Arm-Twisting Going Into High Gear

Now that the Obama administration has decided to double-down on health care and demand passage of the Senate version of ObamaCare...and the White House has set a timeline of two weeks to get it done...it's safe to say that we're about to see some of the most severe arm twisting in political history. 

In fact, if you thought it looked bad the first time around, (when the House version passed by only 3 votes, and the Senate version passed that chamber by the bare minimum), you haven't seen anything yet.

Why is that?  Because the Democrats decided to forget about a conference committee, (the usual process of ironing out differences between House and Senate bills), and push the existing Senate bill through the House.  The problem is that it must be passed WITHOUT any amendments or changes whatsoever.  This is because, if it is changed, the Senate would have to approve it all over again...and this time there are 41 Republicans, (thanks to Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts), that can sustain a filibuster.

So, in order to take the filibuster off of the table, they have to get the House to pass it "as is".  But this means that the usual process of legislative "compromise", (ie. trading votes for amendments to a bill), won't work.  No adding goodies in order to get votes.  No more "Cornhusker Kickbacks".  Which means you've got to use shear arm twisting to get Democrats who didn't vote for it the first time to vote for it this time...or get pro-life Democrats who did vote for it the first time, to vote for the Senate version that does NOT have the pro-life language that bought their votes last time.

From the Washington Times:

A dozen House Democrats who supported the bill in the House
said they'll vote against Mr. Obama's plan unless strong abortion
restrictions are inserted. Others question whether the Senate bill, the
basis of the president's plan, will do enough to stem rising health
care costs or address regional disparities on Medicare rates.

Nearly 20 House Democrats were called to back-to-back White
House meetings with Mr. Obama in which he told the rank and file that
"to maintain a strong presidency, we need to pass this bill," said Rep.
Raul M. Grijalva, Arizona Democrat and co-chairman of the Progressive

Mr. Obama asked them to put aside political concerns and
appealed to their sense of duty and history to deliver a comprehensive
overhaul of the nation's health care system
, said people who attended....

Duty?  To what...or whom?

Interestingly, former DNC Chairman Howard Dean (of the far, far left) is against passing the bill, saying that it would do more to harm vulnerable Democrats in the fall than to help them.

"The plan, as it comes from the Senate, hangs out every
Democrat who's running for office to dry - including the president, in
2012, because it makes him defend a plan that isn't in effect
essentially yet," the former physician told "The Bill Press Radio

But the biggest obstacle for Obama, Pelosi and Reid in getting the bill passed is abortion.

Democrats opposed to abortion, as well as their counterparts who
support abortion rights, are resisting funding restrictions on the
procedure spelled out in the Senate health care overhaul bill. But the
plan Democratic leaders have worked out for the health care endgame
calls for House Democrats to pass that same Senate bill, with little
prospect of changing the abortion language.

Although each chamber
is also supposed to pass a companion package of agreed-upon changes,
abortion funding is not among them. It doesn't appear likely to be

Which doesn't give any reason for pro-life Democrats to support the bill, (or perhaps gives them one less reason).

Pelosi is not happy.  She took to her podium yesterday to declare that "This is not about
abortion...  This is a bill about providing
quality affordable health care for all Americans."

Fortunately, Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak and about a dozen other pro-life Democrats are hanging tough.  So far.

It's about to get interesting.


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 He might say something like,

"Are you, my own servants, so forgetful of my teachings? Have you not heard that my command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Yet you have not done so; You have given your task to the State. Do you not what is commanded of the Church and what is commanded of the State. These are separate for your sake, that the state is given the power of the sword and the Body of Christ who will live for eternity is given commission of love. You have given your commission and blessings to the State which will blow away with the winds. You have done me no service.

Why do you bless a person who persecutes my people and make yourself slaves and your children slaves who will cry out to me. Who proverts my word to your children! Did you not read that you are to bring them up to love me. Did you not read that you can not server two masters - can you not discern the truth and now place your faith in the state which can not accomplish what you desire."

I do not infer that those who  support Obama care would only be charitable if they were forced to do so. Such an inference should be rebuked - Only God can make such judgments.

I can use my wisdom to examine if Obamacare would solve our health costs. Nothing in Obamacare addresses the costs. Instead it increases the costs by funding services like Abortion and Sex Change Operations - It gets money from other services like Medicare - This is not healthcare.

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