Obamacare: An Example of Excessive Government Meddling


Just about the most basic of economic functions, what the law states of markets, is not understood by most. We hear "supply and demand" but don't think about how precisely supply is established, why demand occurs, or how price is determined.

Further, we hear that wealth is made by the mix of labor and capital. For most of us in these days of political correctness, "wealth" sounds evil and "capital" sounds worse. "Labor" conjures images of poor workers under the rule of ruthless capitalists creating wealth - in their own business. What a false image and prevents us from understanding the simple nature of markets.

Let's simplify it. Labor equals people. Capital equals resources. Wealth equals money.

Here's an example of the coming of money with simply a person and basic resources. A female needs money, but she's got no resources except clay in her own yard. She combines the clay with water and makes pots that she dries on a sunny day. She sells the pots to passers-by for the money. She has created money, by just her own work and meager resources.

On this example, we view the coming of supply (anyone times resources) and demand (passers-by who need pots). If the seller along with the buyer agree with the worth with the pots, costs are the end result, and that we possess a simple demonstration of supply, demand and price.

Many government officials have not understood markets and therefore are incompetent at permitting them to work without their interference.

For instance, in case a politician thinks everybody really should have pots for 50 cents, passes an ordinance that prohibits the sale of pots in excess of 50 cents, bans the sale of pots without a license, and mandates that all pots meet certain standards set from the politician, over decides that she cannot afford to purchase the license in order to meet the pot standards. So she doesn't make anymore pots. Instead she goes on welfare and becomes confronted by a very of taxpayer money rather than producer of her very own "wealth."

It is actually that easy. Markets is not managed by government. Markets manage themselves, of course , if you attempt to manage them, or interfere by any means, bad unexpected things happen. The American experience shows exactly what do happen when free investing arenas are free and government only assures public safety from faulty products and enforces laws against lying (such as false promises), cheating (for instance forming monopolies), and stealing (such as fraud).

Today, inside America we love and cherish, our personal government is neck-deep in market management, nearly all of and that is not in the constitutional power to do. Still, government officials press on, convinced they are protecting us from ourselves, or "helping" the downtrodden. Will we need or desire a government that informs us what we should must sell or buy, that which you must subsidize, what we should should do, the way you must live?


And today our all-powerful government lies, cheats and steals on a massive scale. For instance, it lies by saying, "We have cut spending." It cheats when it says, "You can keep your own doctor and health insurance," while rigging it to just make a government monopoly of healthcare. Also it then steals by stating, "This program will pay for itself," when it's set with hidden fees and taxes to aid the massive bureaucracy essential to micromanage every aspect of our health and wellbeing care.

Yes, I am talking about Obamacare, the most massive, intrusive and inefficient government put in the history of the world. Obamacare must be repealed no matter what before it engulfs us and reduces you to honeybees working ourselves to death to guide the drones - non-productive and overpaid bureaucrats who, together with the politicians, form the ruling class in the usa.

It won't need to be this way, and if we stand up for our freedoms, as guaranteed by our Constitution, and also this way. The tea parties are proof a national awakening. Americans are getting to be conscious that government isn't the solution to anything. It does not take problem.

We've got to encourage everyone who is willing to fight to stop this madness before it is too late. Your dream will neither be easy nor short. It'll be a long and difficult struggle, but it's one we should win. 


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