Open Letter to Pastors and Church Leadership

Is anyone out there?


 I have to wonder what is going on in the body of Christ, and more specifically with Church leadership. Things that used to bring us to our knees and cause our voices to rise in support of righteousness, now cause not even a small ripple effect.

This November should have been a sober awakening to all who bear the name of Jesus Christ, but sadly the lines have become blurred, and issues of morality have been trumped by economic and environmental concerns. As a believer, I desire clean air and water, and protections from destroying our environment. I too value financial stability and a sound economy, but these issues cannot and should not ever cause God’s people to abandon the fight for righteousness and to protect life- to defend traditional marriage- or to protect our religious freedoms and heritage from the assault we see daily across America .

A troubling trend is sweeping through the Church, and I fear that the repercussions will be felt for years to come. Because Pastors and Churches refuse to cooperate with each other, and network to present a unified body, the Army of God has become fractured and powerless. Those who fight on the front lines to defend the sanctity of life are finding much less support from the rank and file Christian Church. Pastors are stifled by fear from speaking truth to their congregations on the issue closest to the heart of God. Our Christian heritage is being eroded slowly but persistently and the leadership remains silent. Biblical-Traditional marriage is under attack and a small minority is winning the battle because the Church remains silent and inactive.

Case in point- I am a frequent author of Letters to the Editor of many local and regional newspapers. I choose to be pro-active- visible and vocal in defense if righteousness and in opposition to issues that are contrary to Biblical principle and commands. Very rarely, if ever, do I find any other Pastors names associated with any LTE in any papers locally. It is a small price to pay to the Kingdom of God , to stand up and be counted for righteousness sake. I have communicated with many groups who work tirelessly to promote and defend life and marriage, and I find support from the Church is drying up both financially and with hands on help. After numerous attempts at contacting ministries and leadership to form a coalition to build a network to inform Churches and congregations of issues and alert them to areas of need, I have received ZERO response to date.

Dear Pastor and faithful believer, if we value and cherish our religious freedom….if we cherish the life of ALL God’s creation, both born and unborn, we all must shake ourselves and awaken to the call. Our nation and our Christian heritage is at stake. The life of millions of potential aborted babies hang in the balance. What will we do?

 One final thought….As always, I am reminded that God is watching!


Amazed by His love,

Rev. Robert Appleby

Frederick Christian Coalition

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