Oprah and Michael Fox shocked by Dr. Oz's truth

Michael Fox sat as a guest on Oprah's show in stunned silence! Oprah was pretty shocked also. What caused their astonishment was some truth-telling by Oprah's other guest, a popular physician named Dr. Mehemet Oz. Indeed, Dr. Oz, a regular guest on Oprah's show, is so popular with Oprah that she has called him "America's Doctor." Dr. Oz is a cardiovascular surgeon at Columbia University.

Earlier this month, Dr. Oz, appeared on the Oprah Show and explained to Oprah and her other guest, Michael Fox -- the premier promoter of human embryonic stem cell research because of his Parkinson's disease -- that human embryonic stem cells are not the solution to the cure for Fox's Parkinson's disease or other diseases. Indeed, he warned them -- and a lot of Americans who are so enamored with this immoral research -- that these human embryonic stem cells multiply at such a rapid pace, they cannot be controlled.

Injecting such cells into mice have caused life-ending cancerous tumors. Dr. Oz warned Michael Fox that that would also happen if such human embryonic stem cells were injected into him.

Billions of dollars, much of it provided by taxpayers, have been wasted on this highly controversial research already. Indeed, the state legislature of California, with the signature of the governor, appropriated a whopping $3 billion of tax dollars for useless human embryonic stem cell research.

Dr. Oz did not leave Michael Fox, and those who have diseases like him, without hope. Instead, he told him and Oprah and her television audience that his own skin cells can be used to eventually cure Parkinson's disease, and other diseases. The doctor told him that he would not be cured by using human embryonic stem cells, the use of which is opposed by so many millions of Americans. What Dr. Oz described to Fox and Oprah was a process called induced pluripotent Stem Cell research (iPS.)

The question now is, will the large majority in Congress who support immoral human embryonic stem cell research and will Barack Obama, put aside a politically-correct viewpoint and pay attention to scientists such as Dr. Mehemet Oz who say that such research is obsolete.

Or, will they continue to spend tax dollars for research which has not and which will not work, and instead, provide money for research which has proven to work such as iPS and adult stem cell research. Adult stem cells have caused cures for over 70 diseases. Dr. Oz said about this successful research: "I think we are single digit years away from making a big impact in the lives of Parkinson's disease (victims) but also diabetics, heart attack victims, people who have had a lot of problems."

Americans need to watch this issue carefully and monitor what happens in Congress during the next few months. Business as usual should not be tolerated.

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