Owning a Horse Now Controversial??

by Rev. Austin Miles

The age of courtesy and civility will one day in the future only be referenced in ancient museums in obscure lands. Manners and respect will have been relegated as relics of the past.

Ann Romney, wife of the presidential contender, Mitt Romney, is a beautiful and gracious woman that any nation would be proud to have as their first lady. That of course rankles political opponents of her husband, looking for any part of him to attack.

Lacking any serviceable ammunition except that he is a Mormon, they have set their targets on his wife, attacking her for....having a horse!  How's that again? Yes you read that right.

What's more, they scream, she owns a fancy thoroughbred horse only because she is rich!  And she enjoys dressage riding, which is the highest expression of horse training which is a leisure only available to the very rich. How dare she?

It has apparently become unforgivable to live the American Dream which offers the opportunity for anyone to be wealthy, be anything they want to be. even president.. America has -in error?- been called, "The Land of Opportunity."

Mitt Romney took that offer seriously, and became wealthy, and in a most unique way this day and age. He worked for it, studied hard in school and university thoroughly preparing himself so that he could meet each opportunity successfully, He could afford to buy a thoroughbred horse for his wife.

So in owning a horse, you become superior and better than anyone else and look down your nose at all the rest of society? That's what political opponents imply in their vicious attacks on Mrs. Romney. 

Snooty cowboys on the plains, take notice of this and change your ways! Those who used horses to build America and sustain her farms should have done the same.

Horses have been a significant part of America since she was founded. They have been good friends and fellow workers to man.

The late Rev. Lee Regier, the pastor of a Concord, California Baptist church, who wore cowboy boots under his sacred robes, lived on The lazy R Ranch in Knightsen, California. He had a lot of horses, many unwanted and retired horses that he adopted and trained. He would not have had money to purchase them..

Pastor Lee used those horses to minister to abused kids who were brought to the ranch to learn to ride and become friends with them. Being severely abused, both sexually and physically, they were void of affection, not trusting anyone.They were unable to love.They learned to love the horses they got to know and could love those horses safely. As a result their whole personalities changed as they once again became whole.

The late Arthur Godfrey, a radio and TV star of the 50s-60's and 70's was a household name. Driving on a Florida highway, he was hit head on in an accident that was so violent, his hips were almost crushed together.

He underwent several painful surgeries and had to learn to walk again. His legs were left very weak and unsteady. To help him recover, he took up horseback riding and bought a Palomino  which he named, Goldie.

Riding Goldie would provide needed therapy. As Arthur would say, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man."

In order to get in the saddle, Goldie was trained to kneel on her front legs, lowering the saddle so Arthur could put his foot in the stirrup and as he pulled himself up, Goldie would raise up at the same time which gave the thrust Arthur needed  to complete his upward swing into the saddle.

He would later appear with Goldie as a guest exhibition rider at The Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show in Madison Square Garden and other venues. I was the narrator and chaplain of that show.

Was Arthur putting on airs and flaunting his wealth by having Goldie?. Of course not. It was therapy for him.

Ann Romney, by being wealthy, is NOT an 'enemy of the people' as the Marxist leftists are trying to paint her out to be simply because she and her husband EARNED their wealth and followed the American Dream.

But Mrs. Romney is not trying to display wealth. She has her horse for the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding. Ann Romney has MS and this is how she is battling it.  This strong, inspiring woman is determined to conquer the debilitating disease.

Political opponents, you should be ashamed of yourselves for unleashing your frustrations upon the wife of a presidential candidate that you have failed to find real fault with. So you attack his wife....because she has a horse!. This shows how utterly absurd the left has become.

Rev. Austin Miles, in Northern California was appointed as "The Chaplain to Show Business," his first assignment after his ordination.


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