Paul Krugman Wants Democrats to "Do the Right Thing"

Yes, the Democrat lost that race up in Massachusetts, but that's no excuse for not going full speed ahead and passing Obamacare. That's the message Paul Krugman in sending in his column today.

According to Krugman:

"This is your moment of truth. You can do the right thing and pass the Senate health care bill. Or you can look for an easy way out, make excuses and fail the test of history."

And they can also fail the test of political viability, which is, (I think), the one they are a little more concerned about right now. Krugman further proves he's out on Planet Insanity in declaring:

"The fact is that the Senate bill is a centrist document, which moderate Republicans should find entirely acceptable."

Centrist? One can't help but wonder just where does the "center" appear to be from Krugman's vantage point way out there on the margins...

Krugman also echos Rham Emannuel by suggesting that the House Dems simply have to pass the Senate's version, because that's the only way they can overcome the stigma that would otherwise be attached to them for having voted for it so far and failed to get it passed. (Yes, I know that
doesn't make sense). He says that not passing the bill:

...wouldn't protect Democrats from charges that they voted for "socialist" health care - remember, both houses of Congress have already passed reform. All it would do is solidify the public perception of Democrats as hapless and ineffectual.

So to heck with what the people want...they're too stupid to know what's in their own best interests anyway, right? Let's get this thing done now so voters will have plenty of time before the election to realize what good thing this really was.

Of course, the fact that even the Gallup Poll finds that 55% of the American public want Congress to cease and desist work on the bill means absolutely nothing to liberals like Krugman



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