Prayers with LORD Jesus Christ Revealed to me Clarity on What America Needs to Do ASAP

It has been revealed to me for a few months what America needs to do.  God is giving me greater clairity when LORD Jesus Christ thinks I am ready for further clarification and insight into my revelations.  I desire with my heart's intensity for the LORD Jesus Christ to focus my mind and emotions, so that I can act to help His kingdom expand and be ever so much more dominant.  I see myself as insistant, in that I try to promote the will of LORD Jesus Christ, even when nonbelievers and agnostics are uncomfortable, as that is their problem, not mine that they do not belive in LORD Jesus Christ.

Over time, the nonbelievers will either believe in LORD Jesus Christ or will parish.  It is simple.  I was sent to LORD Jesus Christ to do work with my hands as though at times they are the hands of Christ.  I seek within myself, in prayer, to serve the will of LORD Jesus Christ, and to do so with strength of spirit and intensity of will, that only LORD Jesus Christ can empower me with.

My revelations are complex, but I will attempt to render them simple here.  They are primarly based on economic policy and legal codes that relate to taxes, medical care, housing and home ownership, and the criminal justice system.  Here is my attempt at summarizing, with a slight elaboration:

Certain companies, like those that manufacture construction and farming equipment, shall be subsidized and therefore have no taxes to pay.  Examples include John Deere and Capapillar Corp.  This will help our citizens get access to cheap equipment to till the earth to feed the people and equipment to move the earth, to erect buildings and other structures to house people and factories.

Other companies, like those in entertainment, body art, insurance, banking shall be taxed much higher than present.  This undesired group of industries that God told me he dislikes include violent films, porn, tattoo parlors, financial services including pay day loans and high interest bank loans and mortages, including traditional 20 year mortages.

Medical care must become replaced by naturalpathic healing, at least in terms of public funding.  God told me that too many dollars are going into the hands of drug companies whose medicines doctors push onto the people, and the medicines are making people sicker than if they would not have taken the medicines at all, in many cases.  The new, futuristic healing upcoming will use natural herbs, massage, chiropractic adjustments, energy healing (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch) and music along with gentle infrered lasers (606 nanometers wavelength) to not only eliminate pain, but treat the cause of illness and sickness.  LORD Jesus Christ said to me that doctors have become greedy and pursue money more often than giving patients truly beneficial care or healing.

Mortagages are a trap used by banks to make big profits at the expense of the American people.  God told me he does not like this.  God desires the poor to have homes they own, and the middle class to own homes too.  God wants big homes to be shared as roommates until a family has children to give reason to moving out the roommates.  God dislikes rich folk living in big houses secluded from the rest of the population and community.

God tells me it is a sin to hoard money and save it without investing in the community.  Investments in banks makes bankers and rich CEOs wealthy, but forces the poor into a life of servitute and economic slavery.  God wants more sharing of wealth, and this can be done by collective prayer, web site launching and reading the Bible Scripture and Bible Code.

For criminals, if they can prove to have read and understand the Bible, they should be detained not more than 3 more months.  God wants more ex-cons released from prisons, so they can live at peace and grow and develop with their fellow brothers and sisters.  Several Christian's shall form a committee to evaluate if a former felon is ready for the three month countdown until release from prison.  The Christians who decide shall be picked by popular vote in their churches and be paid a stipend for travel and time by the criminal justice system for their services, to equal the pay hour for hour of the median average pay of a prison guard for the prison facility they are working with.

I am prophet Eric Meyer.  I base my revelations on prayer with LORD Jesus Christ and the Bible Code, God's truth encoded in the Torah, or Christian Bible.  The Bible is the most important document in the history of mankind, and God invested a lot of divine love and thoughtful patience into His gift of the Holy Christian Bible.

Notice: This blog is written for public assimulation and is intended to be in the public domain.  Provided exclusively on July 7, 2011 to the web site of the Christian Coaliltion.  Please share my revelations from the LORD Jesus Christ as you so desire and want.




American government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. This means we are the government. So if you look at our current laws, you see the American people's choices as a reflection of their moral fabric. What Americans need to do ASAP is turn from their evil ways, humble themselves, and seek YHWH God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. Only then will our creator - the only true and living God, turn and heal our land.  Legislation cannot fix America. There is a way that seems right to a man that leads to death and Americans are bought into that way hook, line, and sinker. I do not believe there are enough "Godly Patriots" left in this country to reverse course on this highway to hell we are barreling down. Not to worry, as we see the America of our founding fathers evaporate into debauchery, stand firm in the fact that God works all things for the good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose. Please note I said stand firm. I did not say go with the flow, for the cowardly and the soft will not enter the kingdom of heaven.  Be sure of this, the time is short, as the elect are already being deceived ("if that were possible" has been proven possible). If you want some ASAP legislation to occupy your time with - how about starting with these top three:

1.  Stop the legal practice of murdering infants in the womb.

2.  Mandate that Biblical morality must be taught directly from the Bible in all our schools.

3. Require homosexual offenders to stay away from our children just as we require child molesters to.

By the way, in case you are not aware of this, LORD was inserted into our Bibles in place of God's actual name which is YHWH.  YHWH is not a name given to God by man, it is the name God personally introduced himself to man with. While I am at it, some human(s) also had the arrogance to change Yeshua's name to Jesus (not suprising the way he was treated and all). All I can say here is welcome to planet earth where man constantly wants to decide what is best for himself, God, and country.  I choose not to conform, as for me and my household, we will serve YHWH and Yeshua.


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