Prosecution For Not Grieving Properly? Commentary by Rev. Austin Miles

Most of the world witnessed the strange video reports of intense grieving of thousands of people in the streets following the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong II on December 17th. Wherever the news cameras were in Communist Korea, men, women and children, were seen crying, actually wailng hysterically, with tears streaming down their faces.

It was puzzling to watch considering that Kim Jong II was a ruthless little dictator who ruled with iron fists, whose name alone struck terror in the hearts of all of his subjects. And perhaps that was the problem.

Inheriting the throne, his son, Kim Jong Un immediately issued orders for the military to begin rounding up and arresting those whom the government determined were not grieving sincerely and properly.

In Communist Russia, whenever a leader spoke, his required-to-be-there audience would applaud practically every sentence he spoke. When the speech ended, the applause continued non-stop for a prolonged length of time. The guards, positioned throughout the area, would notice who stopped applauding first and immediately arrest that person along with any others who had rested their hands. There had to be a spontaneous rapid wind-down and stopping of applause for nobody to be arrested.

Horrifying news broke a few weeks ago from Syria, about a skinny 15 year old boy who had been arrested for refusing to proclaim the strongman Bashar Asaad as his "beloved" president. He resisted by chanting for "freedom and the love of God and our country." The vicious, violent beating he received was too brutal to describe here.

THIS is the system that Obama represents and is bringing to us as he turns America into a Communist Nation. He recently had a military officer imprisoned because the officer rightfully questioned his eligibility to give him orders. The question raised was and is a valid one.

Under communist rule, one must show love for everyone approved by government which has already began in America. In San Francisco, where walking around naked, yes, bare butt and all, is not only legal, but those who wish to do so can come in and be seated at a restaurant for all to see.

Because homosexuality and transexuality is now approved by the Obama Administration, if one even LOOKS disturbed, uncomfortable or disgusted by the display, that person can be arrested and put in jail for a 'hate crime.'

The communists can arrest, imprison, torture and beat anyone at anytime without a valid reason to do so. A circus performer working behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany had a friend with another circus whom he met up with. They had coffee together and talked. The circus performer was quickly arrested. The friend he was talking to was dissaproved by government. Authorities demanded to know what they were talking about, and what he knew about him.

The circus performer rightly said that they were friends from the circus and neither knew the political beliefs of the other. The authorities next strapped him in a chair and began to pull his teeth out, one by one, with no anesthetic, as they demanded information. A relative of his told me this story. In a communist country one must be wary of talking to anyone.

Oleg Popov the famed clown with the Moscow Circus was very disliked by the cast, but through no fault of his own. Authorities ordered him be the circus spy for the government; daily reporting on each performer, who they talked to, what they said, what books or magazines they read...every move they made. Popov hated this forced assignment. Authorties told him he MUST do it ...or else. THIS is what Obama is bringing to America.

In true Communist fashion, he has just passed a law empowering him to have ANYONE arrested and imprisoned in special Feema Prison Camps that were quietly being prepared throughout his 'presidency.' A presidency he was not elected to, but PLACED in. How cleverly that was done.

He has just by-passed congress and the senate to place HIS choices for positions in government to uphold his Communist Agenda. No checks and balances. He has trashed the Constitution and is getting away with it due to years of patient work by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) to shoe-horn their people into the courts, all media, educational system, financial institutions. the government, The White House itself, and even into the churches. Where were the Watchmen on The Wall? Where are they now?

Yes, Obama is a dictator who has planted and nourished the bud of socialism in the soil of The United States. Before next year, unless America wakes up and gets off the couch, that bud will have blossomed into full bloom communism that the so-called "Occupy Movement" is ushering in by their ASSIGNMENT of distracting everyone, causing chaos and confusion, diverting our attention away from the efficient (and at times ingenious) overthrow of America which will then no longer be The Land of The Free but the Home of the Graves...and padlocked chains.

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Coming to America

You will know it is over when there is a knock on your door and the individual standing there hands you a paper and says, "Here are your orders." And that is ready to be implemented sooner than you think.


Rev. Austin Miles spent time behind the Iron Curtain, saw first hand what life is like there, and determined never to see this happen in America. He is dedicated to seeing America return to its original roots and intentions of The Founding Fathers. Visit his website at: His writings, commentaries and book reviews are published widely throughout the U.S. and in 52 countries.