"We Did It!" Communist Party Newspaper on Healthcare

The People's World is a direct descendant of the old Communist newspaper, the Daily Worker, first issue published by Long View Publishing Co.in1924. Like The Daily Worker, People's World states that they, "are unashamebly Communist." They acknowlege their affiliation with the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the Young Communist League. When Obamacare was rammed through, the People's World proclaimed, "We did it! Yesterday's historic vote on health reform sets the stage for future victories."  Catch that? WE (The Communist Party) did it!...and sets the stage for future victories, which means of course, Marxism for America.

People's World with the mission statement, "People Before Profit," clearly verifies their affiliation with Marxism and Socialism. One story tells of the Communist Party affiliation with labor unions, with the headline; "Labor Mobilizes Votes for Health Care Bill. That story opens with this:  "Leaders of 3 million-member unions weighed in to drum up support for the legislation, while other unions were part of a joint effort for the cause."

It was also stated that the unions fought for 60 years for this moment, calling it "A landmark legislation." We were informed that millions of dollars in advertising, thousands of e-mails and phone calls including personal calls by the president (Obama) and demonstrations demanding the bill be passed, payed off.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union President Joe Hansen took out a full page ad (paid for by member's dues) thanking Obama, "For showing us the way forward on health care reform."  Notice all the Marxist ties coming together. Something about the bill that is little known, a 40% excise tax will suddenly take effect in 2018. Readers, are you aware of this?

Perhaps the most telling story is the one titled, "No Pat Hands In Politics," written by Sam Webb who writes that the Communist Party must struggle to reshape the world.

The writer freely talks about this approach being "an imperative of Marxism." He used words like social change blending with other stories talking about "social and economic justice."

Mr. Webb writes: "Keeping a pat hand in poker (that is, playing the cards you are dealt) sometimes makes good sense, but it is a poor stratagy for any political party, and especially a party of socialism that aspires to be a leader of a broader movement in a changing world."

The names of such red luminaries as Marx and Engels and with quotes from Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, all their heroes including Obama, are peppered throughout the stories.  Mr. Webb continues: "In recent decades, the world has changed in unexpected ways. The collapse of the Soviet Union signaled a historic defeat for the socialist project. The struggle for socialism continues, but in very different conditions."

You can see the complete story by going to: http://peoplesworld.org/no-pat-hands-in-politics/  Be sure and keep reading down to and through the response letters which shows exactly what this is all about and what Obama is all about.

A constitutional crisis is on the horizon. Trials are now taking place regarding Obama's birthplace. Until he proves otherwise (by producing a valid birth certificate), he is not an America citizen. He is part of and being controlled by The Communist Party USA that is goose-stepping toward the enslavement of America.

And they are close to doing it unless immediate action is taken.  Our congress should shut down government before the crisis and settle the birth issue once and for all. The more time that goes by, the deeper the Marxists are able to dig in and the tougher it is going to be to get America back on track.  The Marxist engineering of the take-over of The United States has already scored a coup that began with the placing of Barrack Obama in The Oval Office.

Rev. Austin Miles is dedicated to seeing our country return to the values that the Founding Fathers built this country on. He has been behind the Iron Curtain and knows first hand what it is like to live under Communist Rule and is determined that it will not happen here. 

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