Reporters Who Kill: A Princess-Presbyterian Minister-Oakley Pastor

The liberal news gathering cartels do not care who they hurt or even kill, just as long as they can get their story in, often perverting facts to sensationalize their "reports" in order to shape the stories to fit their left leaning agendas.

The lovely Princess Diana was swarmed by paparazzi in cars and bikes charging at the car she was riding in which caused the car to swerve then crash in a tunnel in France, killing the princess and her fiance.

The paparazzi, anxious to sell their photos, incredibly intruded into the car itself where Diana lay dying, pleading with them to go away, while they snapped pictures to sell of the dying princess. Let it be emphasized, they made no effort to help her. They only wanted her photos to sell.

To cover up the real cuprits of the deaths, the secular press made the case that the driver of the limo was drunk and THAT was the cause of the death. No it was not. It was the paparazzi--the reporters. Diana's brother made that point clear in his address at his sister's funeral.

Brent, a middle aged Presbyterian minister in Pittsburgh who was doing good work in the church and community was betrayed by someone he trusted and with whom he shared an indiscretion. A reporter, tipped off by the one Brent trusted, saw what he wanted to see, and reported it on a Pittsburgh TV station newscast, which was picked up in the newspapers. Brent killed himself in a motel room--overdose--over the humiliation and worst of all, the betrayal.

And in Oakley, California, The Brentwood Press and the Contra Costa Times, determined to destroy a church and its pastor, began publishing sensationalized accounts of his activities. They succeeded. Pastor Jerry Hanoum died by a self inflicted bullet wound to the head on May 4th, leaving his family and the church in shreds.

He had managed to barely withstand the constant front page stories in The Brentwood Press, but when a headlined front page story broke on Monday, May 2nd, in The Contra Costa Times, it was the breaking point. Pastor Jerry cried for two solid days. On the third day, he shot himself to death.

Responses to my initial reports of his death suggest that Pastor Jerry's family had every right to sue the newspapers who relentlessly drove him to his death and should do so.

In view of this, The Press and The Times contacted this writer, who had once been on staff of Mountain View Christian Center, headed by Pastor Hanoum, and stated that they "wanted to do a favorable story about Pastor Jerry, to balance things out," which of course came a little late.

Still, your blog host is polite and talked to reporter Rowena Coetsee from the Contra Costa Times, feeling that she could be trusted, based upon experience with her in the past regarding a story.

I should have known better. The initial story went up on the website of The Times this evening, and it misquoted and misrepresented this writer.

Ms. Coetsee got one quote right regarding not knowing where the Mountain View Chrisitan Center and Trinity Christian School would move now that their lease will not be renewed.

Even though I had left the pastoral staff of MVCC over pollicy, I did NOT state that I had "decided to step down after learning of Hanoum's predicament." I would still be Hanoum's friend and available to talk to him at anytime. Indeed, we had planned to get together over coffee. The word "predicament" that makes it appear that I ran when he got into trouble, did not come from me.

The Times reporter attributed statemens to me, that Rev. Hanoum had made, not me, regarding his resignation announcement that was to be given at the Wednesday night service and again the following Sunday. This minister did NOT state that "Hanoum was a conflicted man whose 'businessman drive' usurped good intentions"....etc. etc. etc. Nor did I say that "He had two personalities, one was out of control and managed to take over the other." That is totally inaccurate.

I immediately sent emails to Ms. Coetsee and another writer who contributed to the story, Roman Gokhman, and Craig Lazaretti, the East County Editor and the newsroom itself, giving them time before the paper goes to bed tonight, to make corrections.

There has been absolutely NO RESPONSE. By talking to the reporter, they can truthfully say they talked to me and from there they can write anything they want to further their own purposes in writing the story. I should have learned long ago never to even talk to any reporter. They are all out for blood and sensationalism. They are Reporters that Kill.

The next time I am called by a newspaper reporter, which I will be, they will be required to submit every question they want to ask, and they will receive the answers...all by email.

If they do not make the corrections requested a couple of hours before the paper goes to bed, and this misrepresentation of my answers (which reflects on my character) is printed in tomorrow's Times, then rest assured that I will be a witness for the family if they choose to sue the newspapers who were directly responsible for the death of Pastor Jerry Hanoum who might have gotten himself back together and on the right track if the newspapers had simply printed the situation professionally instead of like a tabloid that attacks the character of their targets.

Readers will learn in the morning if they made the changes and deletes requested. It is hoped that they will, and that Ms. Coetsee will not betray the trust I had in her. We actually believe she will do the right thing. We will see.

Fortunately, we have this news site, along with another one: with over 191,211 readers as this is being written, with stories that are picked up globally.



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