Sarah Palin Deserves To Deliver Game Changer Speech At GOP Convention

Winning the presidency has a lot more to do with the charisma of the leader than it does with the policies that are brought to the American dinner table.  Just look at the last sorrowful example the country was saddled with in 2008 with the current president.  Now there is reportedly, current intrigue moving about in the backrooms of  GOP political leadership within Romney’s campaign concerning Sarah Palin. It is suggested that Romney is sitting pat on the idea of not issuing Sarah Palin VIP credentials to the August RNC Convention in Tampa, let alone giving her any real speaking role.


The pundits and Palin detractors having been speaking recently about how toxic the idea would be to let a energized Sarah Palin speech loose upon the conventioneers and of course, into millions of  American homes across the nation.  There are even those within the Republican establishment who want to hang everything that went so badly south in the John McCain  2008 presidential run at the feet of Sarah Palin.  Of course the accusation is absolutely unfounded. 


Whatever went badly for Senator McCain had more to do with his own inability to project leadership, than it had to do with smarmy characterizations of Sarah Palin by comedienne Tina Fey portrayal of Palin in Saturday Night Live sketches. Or gotcha sophomoric media antics of  then CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric.


What has happened since then is a course correction in the grassroots embodied in the emergence of the Tea Party.   Its power and strength was given birth out of the  out of  the president’s failure to lead, except through growing taxation, and failing trillion dollar bailout deficit policies.


Millions of grassroots people became patriots with a principled purpose, in small towns, farming communities, suburbs and cities.  They refused to be sold down the “tax and spend” river by a new president who was making it his own personal mission to disassemble the job creating capacity of the free enterprise system and replace it with failed economic policies that were sealed with the bailout kiss of creeping socialism.  Palin saw that and Palin spoke forcefully against this manhandling of America by the new president.


So you see, while the mainstream media was attacking Tea Party patriot activists, there was Sarah Palin, ignoring the media slap fits and barnstorming the country to reignite and reconnect American values and conservative principles with the people, the native born, the legally naturalized, and defending the unborn who needed protection and the everyday hardworking and far too many unemployed Joes and Janes.


This is the America that may be economically down, but its citizens still embrace their beliefs that President Ronald Reagan’s “Shining City on a Hill” is still possible.  They believe that this is still an attainable vision.


Sarah Palin has been that moral and principled quarterback in rallying behind this noble vision.  No matter how “corny” and “old fashioned” the liberal media has attempted to label her approach,  the Tea Party and its millions of heartland members and supporters understand and support these values that she advocates.


It is now up to Mitt Romney to make a choice that demonstrates leadership and courage to go against the Palin detractors in the Republican establishment.  Instead, the presidential candidate should go into a quiet room and ask himself: “Do I want to be president and be a game changer for America’s future or do I want to win the political confinement day but lose America’s future in November?”

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."
                --Theodore Roosevelt 


Sarah Palin does not need to be scripted in order to be invited to give a primetime speech.  Let her speak as she has already done to millions of Americans about their hearts and spirits that have grown weary from hope transformed into hopelessness and change now replaced with more of the same jobless heartache. 


 Let Palin speak to an America that is rich in the strength of personal purpose and guided by unchanging ideals that have clarity gained from sweat of the brow and not a government handout or bailout.  This is the America that she must be invited to speak to at the August Republican convention.


Let Palin speak of the strength of purpose and commitment to ideals deeply imbedded to create businesses from the ground up and not at the government trough.


There is a stormy sea of discontent blowing across the nation’s heartland.   Her vibrant voice can help to bring renewed enthusiasm and reinforcement to the convention attendee’s clarity of purpose.  Equally important, Palin will also be speaking directly to Americans who do not want the nation relegated to the dust heap of history as a country that was abandoned by its political leaders and sold out to a new socialistic order.


Let Palin speak to those undecided who understand how a change in the White House Oval Office will truly be a celebration of a new vibrancy, and encompass a more successful vision and delivery from this continuing leadership of mediocrity.  Let Palin show with her firmness and tone, not only who we can be, but what version of history will become the nation’s possible future.


Let Palin remind America about the fierce and unyielding urgency of now, with the bully pulpit that a primetime national convention speech allows.  Mitt Romney should follow President Theodore Roosevelt’s advice, “Far better it is to dare mighty things.”


America is waiting to listen and America will act. 


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