Severance Pay Package for Fired Examiner Writer Disclosed!

This scribe, recently fired from the Examiner for not endorsing and promoting homosexuality, received a severance pay package today, July 20, 2011, the details of which will be revealed in this story.

Wall Street, failed bankers, politicians; university professors-any and all prominent workers who have been removed from their jobs for any reason, can expect severance pay and a pension package to generously support them for the rest of their lives without having to work

So it is only proper, if this is really a true democracy, that anyone prominent, in public view, including writers (who especially are), should receive the same compensation package in the name of equality. Otherwise discrimination laws might come into play.

The Examiner, a web newssite that leans to the far left of the Rainbow, axed this writer (who had written for them the last several months), over the story, Welcome to The Gaily News, a story that spotlighted the increasing numbers of daily news stories regarding homosexuality, often several such stories in one issue. That story can be seen at:

To prove that point, the very next day after that story broke, the Contra Costa Times had a front-page headlined story that dominated a full half of that page and ran the entire length from top to bottom and continued inside..

The story itself heralds a new movement where "gays" move in and eventually take over an entire area, making it a, gayborhood, modeled after San Francisco's Castro District. They state that this will be a nationwide effort that will give them more voting power.

Being wrongfully terminated from a position without notice or a warning, brought up some legal questions about the way this was done.

An email received today with no signature but [email protected] stated thusly: " may terminate the Agreement (and your status as an Examiner) at any time for any or no reason in its sole discretion." How's that again?

Read that sentence carefully. They can fire writers on a whim without any reason whatsoever? Meaning that we write what they tell us to write or there will be consequences.

In this case, it is clear that my Gaily News story was the oar that rowed that boat. There were no threats or any hostility expressed toward ‘gays.' It was an essay about how newspapers lose their objectivity.

However, the next part of the ‘gay' movement has been unveiled. First they pleaded for toleration, "please just accept us.". And we did. Now you can no longer simply ‘tolerate' them and their lifestyle. It is now demanded that we endorse and promote the homosexual agenda or else.

This reporter simply wrote a story about homosexuality but, failed to endorse and promote that alternative lifestyle.. So for that reason-not being politically correct, Donald Trump's famous line was inacted as I got red-penciled.

On a positive note, today my severance pay sit down and hold your breath....thirty two dollars and forty three cents. Wow! I'm so glad that I married Shirley before this windfall. Otherwise I would always harbor suspicians that she married me for my money.

I'm going out for another long walk

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