Should Americans Re-elect Obama?

The first question would be: Has life been better since Obama took office? A cable news program posed this question among random people on the streets of America. The majority of the answers were 'No, things are worse."
Obama's term in office has been wrought with disturbances, distractions and questions from the start.
The trust that a nation should have for it's president was immediately thwarted when Obama refused to present a valid birth certificate showing that he was born in America, as well as other papers that would account for his earlier years including college or university transcripts.
Not only did he refuse to provide them but spent over a million dollars to a law firm to block access to any of his papers. That created overwhelming suspicion of his entire White House occupation.
Making matters worse, according to information provided by Bob Boyd, host of the national radio program, Issues in Education, it was shown that he had several social security cards, one being from Connecticut where he never lived. The card he has used belonged to Jean Paul Ludwig who was born in France, died in Hawaii, and his S.S.number had 042 at the beginning which is only given to those who have lived most of their adult life in that state. Obama never lived or worked in Connecticut. Using that SS Card Number and how it was obtained raised more questions.
Despite it all, are we better off since Obama took over the White House? With everyone losing their jobs, homes and even having our national security threatened by Obama who emboldens our enemies by constantly apologizing for "Arrogant America," the answer is obvious.
Plus he has created the greatest debt in the history of this nation. So big that it can never be paid off, meaning that those from whom he borrowed that money now actually own The United States and in He actually sold our country and our lives to other nations.
How about the school system? He sold that as well to those who now use schools to promote devious lifestyles to replace classic academics that at one time produced brilliance but now are turning the schools into cathedrals of defiance, violence and perversion.
How does Obama handle presidential duties? He bows to Muslim leaders, as well as other world leaders such as the Emperor of Japan, something no other president in history has done. He invites Muslims to the White House on their special days, while refusing to meet with Christians on any occasion even though Christianity was at the heart of the very founding of America. Oh yes, he has spoken against the Founding Fathers declaring their government model 'unworkable.' He said he plans to correct that.
How has he treated American Citizens? If love is expressed by threatening, then we can say he has treated us well. When he could not get his way on raising the debt ceiling even more, he struck out at all citizens by threatening to not pay Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social Security Disability and Federal Retirees.
It is peculiar that he did NOT threaten to take internet access away from violent inmates, stop payments to illegal aliens, take benefits away from welfare recipients, the food stamp program, or foreign aid to countries hostile toward us.
He threatens citizens who pay the taxes that supports HIS desires and lavishness. To be fair, he did NOT threaten to not pay the senators, representatives or any of their staff members, or to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired, nor to cut down the frivolous lavish vacations and 'date trips,' for he and his wife, using Air Force One to take them, at more cost to us, the taxpayers, who do well to support our own families.
This is only a partial examination in an attempt to answer the question: SHOULD Americans Re-elect Obama?  What do YOU think?

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