(Speaker) John Boehner's brilliant victory

The Republicans in the United States House of Representatives  --  led by next year's probable Speaker of the House, Congressman John Boehner, the Republican minority leader  --  scored a brilliant victory yesterday over Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Democrats.  In fact it was a rout.   

The Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives this week attempted to spend yet more of Americans' hard-earned tax dollars on yet another big-spending bill called the "America COMPETES Act."   Republicans opposed the bill because it would create yet more programs and provide even more money for government programs which already do not work.   

The Republicans were able to use a parliamentary tactic called a "motion to recommit" (the bill) to amend the Democrat bill.  Their provision would have forced the federal government to fire, or at least severely discipline, employees who viewed pornography on a government computer and equally as important would shut off federal funding for universities which received funds under this legislation and which did not allow military recruiters on their campuses.   

The Republican motion to recommit (MTR) was so popular that  --  in this 111th Congress controlled overwhelmingly by Democrats  --  it passed by a huge margin of 292-126.  But this does not tell the whole story about a very large number of unprincipled wishy-washy House Democrats.   

When time ran out on the Republican MTR, only 44 Democrats were in favor and a whopping 191 Democrats were on the scoreboard voting against this commonsense Republican measure.  However, by the time the Democrat in the chair gaveled the end of the voting period, the vote tally had changed to 121 Democrats voting in favor and 125 hard-core left-wing Democrats voting no.  

In other words, these 125 Democrats voted to allow federal employees to continue to view child pornography, etc. and to allow universities to kick military recruiters off their campuses.  Recently, many federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) employees were caught surfing child pornography, etc. without hardly any disciplinary action.    

Obviously, the 121 Democrats who, in the final vote, voted for the Republican MTR know that Americans favor legislation being introduced by Republicans and do not support the big-spending programs being passed by this Democrat-controlled Congress nor the measures being passed into law favored by the left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party.   

By the way, those 44 Democrats who voted no from the beginning should be commended because they played a key factor in helping John Boehner's Republicans gain a stunning defeat over the Democratic leadership.   

"Roll Call" today reported that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) cheered after the stunning Republican victory saying that the Republicans had forced Democrats to pull a "bloated" bill from the House floor.  Congressman Boehner said that the motion to instruct was straightforward:  "It said that spending on the government programs in the bill shouldn't rise by double-digit levels, that government employees caught looking at online pornography on government computers can be fired, and that military recruiters should be able to talk to students on college campuses. What part of that do Democratic leaders object to?"

Congressman Boehner added:  "Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume they aren't standing up for government employees looking at pornography on the taxpayers' time. Let's assume they think military recruiters should be allowed on college campuses. That means they pulled the bill entirely because they wanted to spend more of your money. Think about that."  The Republicans in the House of Representatives will indeed gain the majority next year if they continue to fight for the American people as they did yesterday. 


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