To Strategically Rebuild America

By Henry Massingale

August 13, 2011

To Strategically Rebuild America. Why we built a Anti Crime / Anti War Forum with a Health Care Concepts.

I am only human and I can not see into all of the issues, but what I do see, I have found that if I allow a person to read and make up their own minds that what I write holds a moral value of truth, then they add there heart to it, in disagreement or their concepts of what if, but what is most important is a balance is formed.

1st Debit Ceil Issue, WAR-We as a people world wide are against War, some say a unnecessary evil. But still we have War. This issue with the Afghan War, The year is in the 1970's United States help Bin Laden in Afghan to defeat Russia, and by the 80's the War ended. Around 1989 not long after, Bin orders the first strike against the World Trade -Twin Towers. Now we are at War in Afghan, the Taliban has portrayed all American's as a aggressive specise with a foot hold on their territory. But to see photos of American Military Personal Shoot protecting Poppy Plants. I am sorry but this is true. A War fought to control a Heroin Empire.

2nd Debit Issue, between Canada and the USA, 1.2 million people died from Oxy Heroin. June 30, 2011, C-Span-3 on TV, the Capital Hill, Director Senator Sheldon, Senate Judiciary Sub Committee for Crime and Terrorism. Announcement Oxy. Heroin, this Heroin Health Care Concept, in 2007 that 27,000 Americans died, from this Opioid.

3rd Debit Ceiling, Not one person as of yet that is running for President Of The United States Of America. Has a job concept, not one idea has been shared. Now this being said this is the three on top,


Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (Minnesota)
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Michele Backmann is set on the Health Care Bil, I for one have all ways wanted a honest approach for it and the freedom of choice to be a part of it or not. I would like for Michele to go home to night and watch herself on TV, take a shower and walk around with your hair wet, just make a mess out of the house, loss-en up, and see what was not said by the others and if you read this, you will see what the American people see.


Herman Cain

Businessman Herman Cain (Georgia)
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Now the man has got them jumping, he is new, and bold, but as of yet he fears to jump into the issues, to boldly go where angles fear to tread. So he is smart, and seems to be a honest man, and people like him and his big “o” smile.


Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul (Texas)
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According to News Polls and other polls, he is on top, Number 1 as seen by people. I agree with all he said , but one issue, Iran, we have no choice but to keep a eye on things, but its is clear Government Officials do put their noses in where it is not invited. Fox News states he will fade away as they move on with the Campaign. So does this mean, that he does not take money from companies to have their way in Congress.

So i will share a 4x4x4 Job Concept. For people being able to work 4 hours per day while a balance is being formed, Companies want to put people to work but they fear Congress, lack to Govern.

To incorporate Congress, a job as simple as a Bread Factory, but still the Money is to be supervised. American Businessman taking control and yes I do have a idea of how to keep track of this money and it is built within a 3 part petition, because 3 different data banks can not lie.


4th.Debit Issue, How to To Strategically Rebuild America. A long time ago I offered a concept of a $100.Trillion Dollar offer to the Obama Administration, but it came with the building block that this money is to be Court Supervised. This is interfaced with the Federal Act Security Card for the 21st. Century Man. It was also merged with what was named a Health Care Stimulus Package.

To put it simple $10,000 to help get people back on track, because as of now if we have another economy fall out 30 to 60 million people could be hurt, and a lot of family's will end up in the streets.

$5 trillion Dollars for each State to build jobs, but the most important thing this money is not to be dumped at one time it is a nest egg, a savings and loan.

And I will show you how it works, not all of it because it is 4 years of work, of reading what the issues are about this Debit Ceiling. It is tied to the Deed Of Trust. You see back in the days in the USA where settlers moved across the plains, The USA Government gave Deeds Of Trust to them and also to the Tribes Of America. Only the Tribal Elders Remembered to renew the Deeds every 100 years, so the deeds that was not refiled on went back to to the position of Government and this is why we pay Property Tax.

Most of important People on Social Security, no land Tax against them, its far and honest, and seeing how the system wants to increase Taxes and de-crease Social Security, before you do you will start at the top and a 2.5 % to a 10% per cent roll back in Government Officials pay call it a economic adjustment. It fair and honest.

Now, When Government Officials take out a loan for this $14 Trillion Dollars, they must have collateral. But I am puzzled of why, Government is paying gold prises above its true value. Any way Out of the $100 Trillion, pay off of this loan and set it forth that if Government Officials fail to pay back this money oh like a 30 to 50 year Home Loan the people own the property, and not some other country. A simple statement of looking at what you have in your own back yard before you sell us out.

Some say that one man can not take on Government and win, I do not seek to win, I seek reform, so I will share a true story with you, you make up your own minds to believe or not, a long Time ago, all most four years I set out to make sure the Government does not take control of this Health Care System because it is a $100 Trillion Dollar system per year and not profit. I hammered the Internet, and came Up with a game plan, I tag it, and a lot of companies loved it, I wrote, “ I have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands” But I wanted to make Government Officials think that I could truly take away the power of their money, and I waited and waited, and waited, and then when I found out that Government officials got busted with their hand in the cookie jar, The I set back and chose my words correctly.

Government officials attempted to place a United States Supreme Court Judge in Office that would support the take over of the Health Care Issue. According to the Governing Bodies of Laws, within the miss use of the Constitution If a Political Party is found in contempt of Law, then in self preservation and respect to the Courts Of Law and the protection of the rights of the people, the ability of Government Officials to appoint a Judge in the Highest Court In the Land, this ability is to be suspended, and through the vote by the people, that all Judges may Obtain that Seat.

I did give warning to Government Officials your failures should of never come into my life.

My name is Henry Massingale

and I am the Founder and Director of F.A.S.C. Concepts and the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire, and as of now I bring forward the Tea Party Independent Forum. And most important of all I am a very good painter.



I am glad to here you are a good painter.

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