Super Committee: Super Failure

Did anyone with commonsense really think that a rigged congressional "Super Committee"   --  formed because of the failure of the United States Congress to come up with one or two or three or four trillion dollars worth of needed cuts to the federal debt  --   would ever accomplish their goal?

Actually, the "Super Committee's" assigned task was to come up with at least $1.2 trillion worth of cuts over the next decade or there would be automatic cuts across the federal government including half coming the defense budget.  Of course, the Democrats protected Medicare and Medicaid from any cuts or reform except maybe a couple billion dollars of administrative savings or whatever.

The "Super Committee" was doomed to failure because the Democrats stacked their half of the 12-member committee with left-wing idealogues.  The Republicans put on the committee a few Republicans who in the past have shown willingness to compromise, although there were a couple very conservative members selected by the Republican leadership.

Everyone will recall all the doomsday scenarios put out by Barack Obama and his party and their friends in the news media about the pending debt ceiling crisis early this year; then the crisis was put off for a couple more months, then the crisis was put off until last summer when the debt ceiling   --  absolutely for sure this time no question about it this time  --  had to be raised or the country would go bankrupt.

When Obama agreed to sign the "Budget Control Act of 2011" (BCA) on August 2nd which allowed the president to increase the debt ceiling by up to $2.8 trillion, he insisted that Medicare and Medicaid not be cut or reformed.  In addition, Obama insisted that the $1.2 trillion in cuts that the "Super Committee" was tasked by Congress to come up with not begin until after he was reelected (or so he thinks.)  Always thinking in partisan political terms, this president.

So the bottom line is that the "Super Committee" is a Super Failure.  Presidential candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry said today about the "Super Committee's" failure:  “Ultimately, responsibility for this failure lays at President Obama’s feet. The whole reason a supercommittee was created was because the President wasn’t willing to lead, wasn’t willing to even put on paper his plans for cutting spending. It’s amazing to what lengths he will go to avoid making tough decisions.  And who pays the price for Washington’s failure? The American people and our military personnel, who will now be subjected to a half trillion dollars in national defense cuts?

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on the presidential campaign trail today said that the "Super Committee's collapse" would be "good for America."  Gingrich said, "I think it's going to fail.  And I think it should fail, because it's exactly wrong."

Gingrich added, "It's not that Washington is inherently gridlocked. It is that the current players are behaving in the current way are inherently gridlocked. It's partially president's fault, partially Congress's fault, but it's a mess.  They were trying to break out of the mess by being, in my judgment, even dumber -- that is creating a committee of 12 picked by the political leadership to magically get in a room to come up something that 535 couldn't solve. It's profoundly the wrong direction."

NBC News reported that Gingrich also slammed Obama on spending and leadership, calling his administration "a 16-year-old with the first credit-card kind of problem."

Indeed, on Obama's watch, the federal debt rose just last week above an astounding $15 trillion level and Obama has created, in less than 3 years, some $4.4 trillion of that federal debt.  Indeed, by the time Obama gets his party's nomination next year, some analysts say that Obama will have been responsible for over $5 trillion of the federal debt.

The only silver lining in the failure of the "Super Committee" this week is that the anticipated new Republican-controlled Senate on January 2013 along with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will be able to send a bill repealing ObamaCare --   requiring only a simple majority to pass in the Senate  --  to the anticipated new Republican president on January 20, 2013.  As his very first official act during his very first day, the Republican president will sign the bill repealing ObamaCare and the American economic boom will begin.