Things you can do to promote voter guides

Here is a list of some of the ways that you can help us promote distribution of Christian Coalition Voter Guides this fall.  (If you haven't already sign up up yourself, click here and visit our sign-up page)


Post a link on Facebook

More than 40% of Americans now have a Facebook account - and if you have one, it's a great way to let others know about our voter guides.  Click here and post a link to our voter guide sign-up page and help us spread the word on Facebook!


Spread the word on Twitter

Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds, and Americans who are active on Twitter are very likely to share links with others.  If  you have a Twitter account, be sure to share our voter guide sign-up page with your followers today!


Make a donation

You can help us promote our voter guide distribution efforts all across the country by making a contribution today!


Send an email to your friends

You can click here and use our email forward page to send your friends an invitation to our voter guide sign-up page and encourage them to participate in voter guide distribution this fall.


Add a voter guide widget to your site

Do you have a website or blog you control?  If you do, then our voter guide widget is for you.  It allows you to place a voter guide sign-up form on any site, enabling site visitors to sign up to distribute voter guides this fall. 

Simply visit our download page and get the code that you can place on your site and let people begin signing up today!









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