U.S. to Illinois: “Drop Dead”

On October 30, 1975, the “New York Daily News” had a headline in 3 inch bold print over a photograph of President Gerald R. Ford blaring: “FORD TO CITY:  DROP DEAD.”   That headline became one of the most famous political headlines in American history.  It encouraged the weak and discouraged conservative movement demoralized after several years of big spending by the nearly-impeached President Richard Nixon during his disastrous time in office.  President Ford had given a speech the day before the attention-getting newspaper headline in which he denied federal assistance in order to spare the big-spending New York City from bankruptcy.

Ironically, the RINO (Republican in Name Only) president, Gerald R. Ford, blamed the headline  --  which had cheered the conservative movement  --  for his losing the presidency to Jimmy Carter the next year after barely losing New York’s electoral votes.  Ford protested that he never said those words “drop dead.”  Ford whined years later, “It more than annoyed me because it wasn’t accurate.  It was very unfair.”

Now, nearly 37 years later, the arguably most corrupt state in America, Illinois, led by a Democrat governor, Pat Quinn  --  who follows the administrations of several corrupt and big-spending governors put in jail for various crimes  --  is close to demanding that American taxpayers bail out the state of Illinois.

This is a state where union goons give orders to city and state elected officials as evidenced by the illegal teachers union strike just ended in its second week in America’s most corrupt city, Chicago, run by Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.  These teacher thugs got huge increases in salary (19% over 4 years) and benefits on top of their already bloated salary/benefit packages averaging close to $85,000, which is nearly double that of the average Chicago family.

“The Wall Street Journal’s” editorial, September 21, 2012, reported that “Governor Pat Quinn’s 2012 budget proposal already floated the idea of a federal guarantee of its pension debt.  Think Germany and eurobonds for Greece, Italy and Spain.”  The editorial continues:  “Sooner or later, we knew it would come to this since the Democrats who are running Illinois into the ground can’t bring themselves to oppose union demands.”

Just as responsible savers in America are being punished by the Federal Reserve’s policies of easy money  --  and by the added trillions of dollars of federal spending added to the national debt by irresponsible Obama administration policies  --  disciplined state governments such as Texas, Utah, Virginia and even the liberal state of Rhode Island are being punished by the union-dominated states’ out-of-control spending.  These fiscally-disciplined states should not have to bail out the highly irresponsible states such as Illinois and their union-whipped politicians.

Earlier this month, on September 20th, Senator Jim DeMint, R-SC, held a press conference and pledged his opposition to a federal bailout of underfunded state pension systems.  Senator DeMint stated:  “Across the nation, state government pension systems are underfunded to the tune of $2.5 trillion. Rhode Island and Utah are among a handful of states that have tightened their belts and are aligning retirement promises with reality. Meanwhile, other states continue to spend beyond their means. Illinois, for example, faces more than $167 billion in state pension debt. Yet the state’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget book identified “a federal guarantee of [pension] debt” as one of the possible ways to reconcile this massive red ink. So far, Illinois has failed to pass meaningful pension reform.”

If anyone in the United States Congress has the utter gall to vote to provide any kind of assistance to bail out the big spending politicians and their unions in Illinois or any other state or city, the American people need to throw them out of office.  The American people say to Illinois:  DROP DEAD.