Veterans Day Slammed by Liberal Church Group

Happy Veterans day from one vet to all others. Special thanks and appreciation go to Tom Purcell, whose column is syndicated by Cagle Cartoons Newspaper Syndicate. In his column published today, he gives a beautiful tribute to veterans.

Purcell, who looks like a better looking Stephen King, is my favorite columnist. He has a great sense of humor with his take on world happenings. He also displays a very deep side with issues that are significant to most of us. His essay today, showing how citizens of America can REALLY support those on active duty in war zones and those who have returned, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Tom. However, the Marxist liberals have their own take about this day that has been set aside to honor our veterans:

Across the pond, a leftist orginizaton called, Ekklesia which is billed as a 'religious' think tank is so far out in left field that the crows won't even roost there. They support every action and behavior that the Bible condemns. This pastor and Chaplain John Ruffle of London, go back and forth regarding the outrageous content of the Ekklesia Marxists publications.  We are both amazed that this is billed as a "Christian" organization.

In their current issue thay have as a feature, a story titled, "Reimagining Remembrance." which opens with the statement: "We need a more INCLUSIVE Remembrance Day." Then they write: "Remembrance Day needs to be re-imagined to make it more inclusive, more truthful and more meaningful for future generations. This would include an honest acknowledgement that some DID "did in vain," an end to "selective remembrance," a positive stress on peacemaking, and making Armistice Day a bank holiday."  (emphasis mine)

 "A greater EQUALITY in remembrance to incorporate all those affected by war, including those on BOTH sides and civilians, conscientious objectors, and those executed for 'cowardice.' "

 In other words, we must INCLUDE our enemies in respectful tribute (those who were trained to kill us and take over our country), along with our American service personnel who defended us against them. Typical socialist,democrat, Marxist thinking.

"The language used in remembrance should be more truthful. Words like, 'glorious,' should no longer be used. There should also be an acknowledgement that some DID "die in vain," and an end to automatic references about all soliers giving "their lives for the freedom we enjoy today." then gives this advice and instruction for the church: "Churches should resist the misappropriation of religious language in remembrance. Where it is used it should be qualified carefully, particularly with regard to words like, "sacrifice," which should NOT be used to condone violence." They then go into the enviornmental impact of war, ecological damage etc. etc. etc. This writer could stomach no more.

The site gives additional information to editors: "1) Ekklesia is a member of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations (NCPO) committed to furthering peace and encouraging churches to support the peace movement.2) Formed in 2001, Ekklesia was listed by The Independent newspaper in 2005 as among 20 influential UK think-tanks. According to Alexa/Amazon, it has one of the most-visited religious current affairs websites in Britain. It runs a news and comment service, examining religion in public life, and raises 250,000 pounds a year for peace & justice causes."

Organizations like this, falsely labeled "Christian" can do more damage to the cause of Christ than all the liberal, humanists, Marxists and socialists combined. What is worse is those "pastors" (so-called but NOT called), who go along with them. (all italics in story mine)

It is time to take another long walk.

Rev. Austin Miles, a pastor/chaplain in Northern California is also an award winning writer, whose stories and commentaries are published thoughout the world. Visit his website at:


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