Vitter/Shadegg's no-cost, 2-million job-producing stimulus bill

Incredibly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is talking about passing yet another stimulus bill, after just spending $1.2 trillion -- not including hundreds of billions of dollars in interest passed on to future generations -- for a stimulus bill and a FY09 omnibus bill, both signed into law by Obama. The latter bill, with some 8,500 to 9,000 pork projects (which Obama promised to end during his campaign) was signed into law without anyone looking on in the White House today. Could it be that he had a slight tinge of guilt?

Americans are becoming sick and tired of the Democrats' spending and borrowing which will hurl future generations into bankruptcy. First was the $700 billion Wall Street bailout which Obama voted for and, unfortunately, President Bush signed into law. That was followed by the Obama so-called "stimulus" bill with hundreds if not thousands of pork projects; the Obama FY09 omnibus spending bill with the thousands of pork projects, and next on Obama's agenda, his gargantuan $3.55 TRILLION budget for fiscal year 2010. Republicans say that the Obama budget spends too much money; taxes too much, and borrows too much.

Just as more and more left-wingers like Pelosi are talking about passing a new stimulus bill, around $500 billion more, after passing Obama's 2010 budget, two Republicans have come to the rescue. Senator David Vitter from Louisiana and Congressman John Shadegg are introducing a no-cost stimulus bill which they say will produce 2 million permanent jobs. They argue that in the energy field, we are sending jobs outside this country. America is sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas to oil-producing despots.

America is blessed with vast reserves of oil and natural gas which could be exploited and could greatly decrease our dangerous dependence on oil from dictatorships such as Venezeula and unreliable sources such as the oil cartel nations. It would behoove Republicans in both the House and the Senate to enthusiastically support the Vitter/Shadegg no-cost, 2-million job-producing stimulus bill.

And if the 40 or so Democrats -- who recently have been elected by running as conservatives -- vote for another Obama-Pelosi stimulus bill and do not vote for or urge their leaders to bring up for a vote on the House floor the Vitter/Shadegg stimulus bill, they will do so at their own peril. American families -- each of whom will be paying $3,128 in energy costs each year if the Obama budget is approved which includes an energy package -- will have an easy decision to make in next year's congressional elections.

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