What's in Store for Palin's Political Future?

I truly believe that Sarah Palin will play a major role in helping to shape the direction of the Republican party if she so decides to remain engaged at the national level.  I truly believe that she will remain at the forefront not because of her being picked as the Vice President Elect, but because of her personal convictions and how those convictions will drive her to want to help bring reform back to the party.

 Afterall, Sarah was able to draw the crowds in larger numbers than what McCain was able to do.  This proves to me that she relates well to the general public and the ideas that they embrace.  There will be opposition from those who will wag their finger at Sarah and try to discredit her from picking up the sword of destiny, but ultimately I see her personal convictions driving her to the place where she will play a major driving force of change within the Republician Party.  Because Sarah Palin is someone who realizes that what she does in leading others means you must serve them first.  For as one serves they earn the right to lead.  Sarah Palin understands that principle and as a result will experience continual success.


What's in Store for Palin's Political Future? - Governor Sarah Palin's political future in both Alaska and in Washington is the subject of widespread speculation. [CBN.com]

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