Where has George W. Bush gone wrong

When President Bush was put into office nearly eight years ago conservatives were delighted to see the change that was coming to the White House.  Many believed that President Bush would help drive the conservative movement forward to new heights.  At first President Bush appeared to be the one to fulfill this as he took charge of the War on Terror and signed into law a bill that banned partial birth abortions.  So where did he and the Republician Congress go wrong?

When they began to abandon the conservative values that they ran with from the beginning.  They began to overspend and tried to go bout and legalize illegal aliens.  It wasn't the War on Terror that brought Bush down.  The media and the Democrats did not sink him.  Bush sank himself as he drifted from the very principles that brought him into office in 2000 and 2004.  Only time will tell what his legacy will be like.  I tend to believe that most people will remember President Bush for his willingness to stand strong during the difficult days after 9/11.   But only time will tell. 

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